Always Know Who Your Primary Point Of Contact Is With a Family

As a registrar, do I contact "Dad" or "Mum" to follow up on an application for enrolment?

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One of the challenges we’ve had is that parents have forgotten whose (was it “dad’s” or “mum’s”?) email address they’ve used to fill in an enrolment form or expression of interest for their child.

However, “mum” would fill in their spouses (“dad”) details as “Parent 1” leading to the father being made the primary point of contact OR a school registrar would swap the “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” around to make the father “Parent 1” in the case that “mum” had correctly put herself as ‘Parent 1’.

School’s would do the swap so that automated letters could read ‘Dear Mr Jones and Mrs Jones’. These letters of offer would then be sent to Dad where they would promptly fall through the cracks and be forgotten about. Not good for registrars...

This would also lead to a situation where parents were getting confused about whose email address to use to login to the Parent Dashboard.

Fear. No. More.

We’ve now rolled out a change to EnrolHQ so that when parents fill out the form, they can tell us whether they’re filling out as Parent 1 or Parent 2. The person filling out the form is always assumed to be the primary point of contact.

Whichever option they take, we will then take their email username and pre-fill it into their contact email field so there is 100% no ambiguity that their contact email and username are one and the same.

How this makes life easier for school enrolment registrars: you’ll now see a label with ‘Primary Point of Contact’ for whoever filled out the form and you can switch Parent 1 and Parent 2 if you wish, so “Dad” can be Parent 1 and “Mum” can be Parent 2 but the primary point of contact stays with the person who filled out the form. That way whenever you are contacted by parents asking how to accept offer, you will be able to look up the student record and tell them their username is the same as the email address for the primary point of contact.

Published: 14 May 2019

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