Automate Your Enrolment Follow-Up Emails

To automate follow-up emails, you need to be able to customise your email templates with merge tags and also record the micro-steps of your parent enrolment journey.

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It’s been a while coming but our amazing team of developers have used August to release a fully automated follow-up email system on EnrolHQ. This complements our automated events email system already in production. So far, school admissions teams have been able to use EnrolHQ's powerful CRM filters to search for parents at various stages of the enrolment process and send a bulk email to follow-up with them. With the new ‘Automated Emails’ feature you can now set up EnrolHQ to send these follow-up emails automatically.  When a parent is holding an offer of enrolment from a school for 2 weeks, a deftly worded email or a notification to an Admissions staff member to call the parent, or both, is maybe all that’s needed to get them over the line to accept the offer and pay. 

Notify Either the Parent, Staff or Both

At EnrolHQ, we recognise that schools treat any communication between themselves and any future parents very seriously. Each school has their own enrolment processes and their own ‘personality’. That’s why we’ve designed the automated email system to send an email to notify staff as well as follow-up with parents. You can choose to do either or, some schools may want to put a very personal touch and ask a staff member to follow-up on the phone for outstanding enrolment acceptances without sending any email to the parent. However, if you’re following up on incomplete enrolment applications, then an email asking the parent if they require any assistance or not is enough, without having to send a corresponding notification to the admissions team. 

Choose What Event Triggers the Follow-Up

For the first release of EnrolHQ’s Automated Email feature, we have focused on the EOI and Enrolment Events. You can choose to send follow-ups if:

  1. Enrolment Forms don’t get completed within a certain time,  
  2. Enrolment Forms get completed but Parent doesn’t make the payment (which is the final step) within a certain timeframe
  3. Enrolment Offers are made but not Accepted within a certain time
  4. Enrolment Offers are Accepted (Parents have E-Signed it) but no Payment has been made
  5. And many more.

In the short term future we will add follow-up triggers around Document Re-Uploads, Interview Bookings and any other ‘Outstanding Tasks’ that parents can have in their Future Parent Portal.

Fully Customise the Follow-Up or Notification Email

The Automated Email system plugs into EnrolHQ's comprehensive Custom Email Template system. With a huge range of merge tags associated with the student profile and the parent details and if/else logic, you can really personalise each email follow-up with details such as the students name, their year of entry, grade of entry, the enrolment offer expiry date and much more giving your school the added polish when communicating with your future parents. Our HTML emails are fully customisable for you to take advantage of.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Automated Emails is all about making sure that every parent who gets on your Enrolment Train is followed up. With Principals' putting more pressure on their admissions and marketing teams to make sure that every available student seat is filled, this tool, along with EnrolHQ's powerful CRM will ensure that your school keeps parents and staff notified should anyone fall through the cracks during the enrolment process.

Published: 02 Sep 2019

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