Merging Duplicate Student Records

Enrolment applications can, for many reasons, result in duplicate student profiles. EnrolHQ provides tools for easy merging of duplicate profiles.

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Sometimes you'll end up with multiple profiles for the same child. A parent may submit multiple enquiry forms, use a different email to book into an event, or even submit a new enrolment application for a child while they have a partially filled in application in EnrolHQ already.

In these cases a school registrar will most likely want to keep the most complete student profile, or the one that's the furthest along the enrolment journey, and archive/cancel the incomplete profiles.

There's now an easy to use tool for that inside EnrolHQ. Below are the steps you need to take to merge the profiles:

STEP 1: Use the duplicate filter under All Prospectives > Show More to run the duplicates report. This tool looks at the student's name and DOB and will find and display any matches for you.

STEP 2: Make sure the User Parent (email address) is the same for both duplicate applicants before you merge. You might need to use the Switch P1 and P2 for one of them before you merge.

STEP 3: To merge, select the 2 profiles and choose Merge Profiles in the top right of screen (beside bulk actions). If there is more than 1 duplicate for the applicant, you'll need to do this a few times as you can only merge two profiles at a time. TIP: Typically, the profile to keep is the one further along the enrolment journey.

FINALLY: As a security measure, the 2nd profile that is merged is never deleted - its contents are just moved to profile 1 on merge (keeping the most recent version) and can be still accessed in Cancelled / Archived.

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Published: 03 Mar 2022

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