Back to School Summer Update

Happy New Year, welcome back to the office. Kicking off 2020 with a bit of an update on the things we've been working on while school has been out.

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Hope you've enjoyed your Summer break! I've always worked on the premise that the 'daily grind' of the year starts around the third week of January. You know, when peak hour traffic starts building up and Term 1 is just around the corner. We totally understand that for many schools, offices are opening back up this week and all the school admin and support staff are busy preparing for the new year.

If you're looking at streamlining your enrolments processes and improving the prospective parent experience to make it more user friendly in 2020, then this is the all-in-one enrolments system for you.

From the moment a future family makes an enquiry to the day their child attends orientation, EnrolHQ will track them through their enrolment journey with your school. It will provide school leadership with up-to-the minute business intelligence and you with concrete actionable to-dos to drive up applications and increase acceptances of offers.

If you have heard of EnrolHQ before or you're a current EnrolHQ school, it might be time for a bit of a refresher. The most exciting thing about the system is that we are constantly working on it to improve it based on our (happy) clients' feedback. 

Some of the features we've been working on over this summer include:

  1. Colour-Coding the CRM table views so you can see at a glance which families need to be responded to and which families need to be moved to your school SIS.
  2. Two Factor Authentication and increased security around school staff login procedures for that extra peace of mind.
  3. The ability to use the CRM to track follow-up activities based on the parents' request. (eg Did that Prospectus get mailed and by whom and when?)
  4. Staff can now see a copy of all important email messages that have been sent by the system - logged against the family. (e.g an Acknowledgement that an Application has been received)
  5. We've worked on an ELC enrolment module so that enrolment questions change depending on which year-level the child plans to commence i.e if they're starting in Prep or Preschool, how many days per week do the parents want?
  6. Multi-campus is now an option - so parents can select which campus they want their child to attend if the school has multiple campuses managed by the same admin team.

If you'd like a demo of anything mentioned above or are interested to learn more, please get in touch and I'd be happy to chat with you and give you a webinar.

Find out how other schools are using EnrolHQ to fill up their upcoming Information Evenings for Year 7, 2022 and automatically follow-up with the parents who attend to encourage them to fill out an application for enrolment.

Published: 21 Jan 2020

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