New updates and improvements based on your feedback (34 enhancements and new features listed below)

The team at EnrolHQ is continuously making improvements to simplify our users experience.

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EnrolHQ has an open changelog where all changes and system updates are made public. This is a great way for schools to keep up-to-date with all the new improvements and features as they are released. In the last few months, we've released another 34 updates to help our users get the edge.

  1. Added an additional search bar under custom form reports making it easier to look up profiles
  2. Added additional fields - "Parent Title, Home Phone, Business Phone and Address fields" to our Marketing Lead Forms
  3. Added Expression of Interest to the Parent Dashboard and included a toggle to keep the Expression of Interest form open or the Application Form closed in the Parent Dashboard view
  4. Added a delete button for interviewers with no availabilities assigned
  5. Updated the logic status for manually accepted offers. When a student is moved to orientation status the expired offer disappears from the main dashboard.
  6. Added the ability to delete an event if no attendees are connected to it.
  7. Added 7 new system fields that improve our application form.
  8. Added a "Remove Invitation" button for those that use the function "Invite to enrol". This button  deletes the invitation that was sent and stops the parent from accessing the Application for Enrolment.
  9. Added suburb / postcode to our event attendee report.
  10. Added another grade before Pre-Kindergarten. Default name = Daycare (2 years old).
  11. Events and Public kiosk check-in remain 'current' for 72 hours after the end date so that registrars can go in and make changes and update attendees.
  12. Added ability to delete previously uploaded documents out of Terms and Condition boxes on the Customisation page.
  13. Made sibling names more prominent on the Parent Dashboard.
  14. Pre-signed URLs had their timeout extended to 30 minutes.
  15. Parent 1 / Parent 2 signed date and time / date application fee paid now available on CSV export to check the exact time an application or offer was signed.
  16. Added a button to Documents tab against the profile to allow Registrar to send "Request Additional Documents" email from inside the profile.
  17. Added 'All Prospective' button at the top of the dashboard page for easy access.
  18. Improvement to the dashboard application box - so that all stages are now linked to their respective filter. Eg click Current Offers or Offers Expired in the Dashboard to run the filter and see the corresponding applicants.
  19. Added event splash page for pre-registered parents so they can use the QR code check-in on arrival.
  20. Added ability to Re-open and Reset both the application and offer forms.
  21. Added tooltips throughout the staff admin to help you find common support answers.
  22. Added a new button "Send Email / Send SMS" in the event booking attendees page.
  23. Cleaned up 'registered for event' filter. All events are arranged by date and past events are now greyed out.
  24. Staff / Principal review buttons are now always visible, but disabled until an application is received or manual application is set.
  25. Added a filter to the live feed on the Dashboard.
  26. Added 6 new graphs to Dashboard for visual representation of data.
  27. Specific contact details that have been updated by staff or parent are now visible in the audit log.
  28. Added new email tags for interview and lead templates.
  29. Added a new filter under All Prospective - Student Interests.
  30. Added a new filter on Dashboard - Enrolment Type.
  31. Added Campus as a student field that is displayed on custom forms if activated.
  32. Added gender filter to All Prospective page.
  33. Added warning message on re-open form to minimise mistakes.
  34. Added internal staff description filed for emails in Comms Log.

Published: 27 Jun 2022

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