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How do I know what emails EnrolHQ has sent to parents?

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“How do I know what automated emails the family has received from the system so I don’t double up on the same communications?” - another top question we receive from Enrolment Registrars.

You know, the goal for EnrolHQ is to completely replace the future students module in your Student Management System. The reason for this is that you don’t want to ‘pollute’ your student management system database with the details of families who never actually accept an offer of enrolment at your school.

One of the ways we help you keep all the ‘futures’ in EnrolHQ and deal with them there is by providing a full ‘Comms Log’ for each family; it’s the far right tab in the Student Profile view.

There you will see all the emails ever sent by the system including the bulk emails that you send. You also have the ability to add activities like phone calls, personal emails too to give a full picture of what has been communicated with the family.

Published: 22 Jun 2019

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