Dashboard Updates, More Reports and Fancy New PDF Forms

Yet more features to help your school admissions team work smarter

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Why do we keep improving EnrolHQ all the time? It's because sometimes, you release a new feature and a School Registrar sees it inside their EnrolHQ staff dashboard and writes you the following email:

Hi Eddy,

Wow, we have a new print version of the Application for Enrolment which is looking great.  This is going to so much easier to work with, so thanks heaps for that.  I’m sure it’s been a massive job, so I’m very grateful. 

Thank you Narelle @ Mount St Benedict! The team here really appreciates your gratitude and customer feedback like this is what nourishes our souls.

So what have we released this week?

The Application for Enrolment PDF received an overhaul

At the end of the enrolment form process, despite everything going electronic, we still need to provide Parents and Schools with a PDF version of the application for enrolment as a static record of what was entered.

We took feedback from a variety of schools on board and increased the font size (very important), laid out collected data in a more logical fashion AND made the header pretty with the school crest and contact details. It's all about being 'on-brand' for each and every school.


Year on Year Intelligence - Identify Trends and Act on Them

If you look in your Reports navigation menu, there is a new submenu item called 'Intelligence'. We're using this as the way to consolidate all the reports we currently have available. As we control all the enrolment journey data (they are now on the train right :) - we can slice and dice your data in every way imaginable. This means your marketing team has the ability to track trends and also see improvements in marketing/admissions year on year.


So far we've published such historical graphs like Enquiries, Event Bookings, EOIs Submitted over time and Enrolment Applications Submitted over time. Be sure to check back often as as there's a stack more graphs coming. We know you'll even want to upload your historical data - from before EnrolHQ days - but that's a truly awesome reporting feature so we'll write a separate post on that.

Expressions of Interest Graph

Finally An Update To Your Dashboard To Help You

If you look at your main dashboard, you'll notice that the Enquiries that come through to EnrolHQ are listed in reverse chronological order (that is, the latest are at the top). This allows you to quickly scan through to see if there are any new families sending through 'Requests for Prospectus' or general enquiries about enrolment to your school. We've made them all hyperlinks so you can click through directly to the record to see their enquiry and leave a note when you've responded. You have the detailed CRM for a deep dive at any time but now we also give you these handy lists to see your most recent marketing activity.

Enquiries Dashboard

That's all for this week guys. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Let's see if I can roll out more goodies next week...

Published: 25 Oct 2019

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