A few EnrolHQ updates to kick off Term 3!

This update we look at interview times, application fees, generating enquiries inside the admin and COVID-19 event settings.

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Application Fees

G'day all. As promised, I'd post system updates more often because we now have the bandwidth to work on all those little things that make your life easier. Here's a few for the start of this week!

Registration (Family Group) Limit at School Events

Given the fast changing nature of social distancing restrictions on school tours in NSW, EnrolHQ now gives you 3 ways to control the size of your school tours in the Event setup screen.

  1. You can have an absolute limit on the number of attendees
  2. You can limit the size of each family group.
  3. (This is the new update) You can also limit the numbers of family groups attending - we refer to a family group as a 'Registration' where a registration might include 2 parents, the applicant and maybe a younger sibling.
Registration Limit for Events

Add an Enquiry from the Staff Dashboard

If you are taking a phone-call or received an email with questions from a prospective parent, you can now add their enquiry details into the Student Profile under the 'Enquiries' tab. This tab was previously reserved for taking parents' questions directly online but some of our schools were telling us that they were fielding enquiries from other sources and needed to enter this data themselves.

Add Enquiry

Different Application Form Fees for Different Attendance Types

Some schools have a different application form fee for Boarders versus Day Students or Entry Levels. EnrolHQ already had the logic to reduce or waive the application form fees for applicants who had alumni/alumnae as parents or grandparents and to also change the fees for overseas applicants. Now we add the ability for you to fully customise the form fees based on attendance type. Go to Settings --> School Details and you'll see a box at the bottom where you can change the enrolment form application fees.

Application Fees

Parents Interview Duration Versus Interview Duration Block

We've had lots of schools using EnrolHQs versatile interview system and they all came back with the same feedback: "Eddy... how do we make the parents time slot shorter than the interview block so the Principal can have a breather between interviews?". Well the answer is - when you now setup the availabilities, you have the option to choose the 'Parents Interview Duration' which can be 10-15 minutes shorter than the actual Interview Duration (the block time). This will change all the communications to the parents so their interview will be say 10:30am to 10:50am leaving a 10 minute gap until the next one which is 11:00am to 11:20am and so on and so forth.

Interview Block

And that's all from me this week! Don't forget to come back next week to check for more updates, we have lots to come...

Published: 21 Jul 2020

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