Save your commonly used filters with Bookmarks

Bookmarks feature allows you to save the most frequently used filters, and save time

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bookmark your contact filters so that you can recall your enrolment application lists with a single click

Schools frequently need to filter students based on attended events, incomplete applications, completed payments, priorities and many more. EnrolHQ has close to 50 filters on the listing pages, and allows you to go very granular when you want to target a specific group of enrolment applications, enquiries etc.

Our new Bookmark feature allows registrars to save their most frequently used filters and make them easily accessible in a dropdown menu. The registrar can then call up the same list of contacts with a single click over and over again.

To create a new bookmark:

  • Select your filters combination
  • Click on the icon next to the bookmark
  • Give the bookmark a name and the filters will be saved under bookmarks for next time.

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Published: 17 Jun 2022

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