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Wow, what a crazy Term 1 that was! Hopefully by now you’re in your Easter Break or having a professional development week before Easter to give you some time to re-group. What’s become obvious in recent days is that social distancing is here to stay for at least 3 to 6 months. At EnrolHQ, we’ve been listening to your feedback and busy making tweaks to support your school in adapting to this new reality.

As part of my job, I keep in touch with schools all over the country to provide support for admissions teams and school marketing/comms personnel. The general consensus is that we’re all in agreement that ‘the show must go on’ to keep those future families moving along their enrolment journey. During March, we saw a lot of Open Day cancellations, Interview Cancellations, School Tour cancellations and while it was very much the prudent thing to do at the time, now that the dust has settled we all need to look at moving all of those events to become virtual or online in Term 2.

So, how can EnrolHQ to help you take your entire Future Family journey online?

Incentivising Parents To Fill Enrolments Enquiry Forms

We've added the ability for schools to post videos inside the Future Parent Dashboard. Staff have been working hard to create video presentations that capitalise on their schools USP. Rather than posting it publicly on your website, you can post it inside the Future Parent Dashboard where parents must provide their childs' and their own contact details by filling out an enquiry form to access. The videos are targeted at particular year levels so that Pre-K families won't see the Senior School presentation. If you have multiple campuses you can also target the videos by campus applied for. The EnrolHQ system allows you to load content based on each Campus, Grade of Entry and Enrolment Status so that parents view relevant targeted video content in their dashboard when they log in. This feature is all about giving you the 'hook' to incentivise parents to enter in their family details and fill up your EnrolHQ CRM.

Parent Dashboard Video Presentations

Use “Interviews” To Book an Appointment and Meet 1-on-1 with Parents via Zoom/Google Hangouts

The admissions interview feature at EnrolHQ was such a hit that we've extended it to make it 'all purpose' and added the ability to put different 'Online Meeting Links' for each interview slot. Originally it was intended for families who had submitted enrolment forms and were having their applications reviewed by the Principal or School Leadership team.

After taking feedback from schools, we upgraded the EnrolHQ system so that (online/virtual) interviews can be set for parents and students at any stage of the enrolment journey, whether it be for a 1-on-1 virtual tour before they apply, a special cohort presentation, a pre-admission interview or even a uniform shop fitting as they get closer to their start date. Book one or multiple appointments for each family through EnrolHQ.

Online Interviews

Keep Events, But Make Them Virtual

Many schools now have the 'School Tours have been cancelled until further notice' message up on their websites - my professional advice to Marketing Directors out there is that you'll need to look at ways of doing School Events online via Google Hangouts on Zoom where parents can attend a virtual Q&A and receive a virtual presentation from the Principal and Head Teachers.

All your EnrolHQ events (whether on your school grounds or online) can be managed through our comprehensive Events module. Auto-reminders, attendance check-in via login and other useful features make hosting events a breeze. We look after the whole process so you can concentrate on doing an amazing online presentation to convert that lead.

We’re all in this together…

The thing to remember in all of this is that every single school in Australia is in the same boat, we’ve all got to change the way we work to keep everything going.

You’ve got talented and creative teachers out there, all schools do, it’s time for them to shine. I’ve seen my own childrens’ teachers go from zero to hero in less than 3 weeks delivering lessons online. They’d be well versed at giving presentations to a camera now rather than a classroom full of kids and structuring the content to work for camera - it’s time to work with them to create virtual "Kindy Taster Days" or "Year 7 Taster Days".

Our photo/video gurus at CIMarketing are here to help too, either by shooting high quality video (including drone footage) of your school facilities and school grounds, shooting professional videos of your presentations or giving tailored advice if you have the equipment on hand and want to do it yourself.

If you’re interested in putting some of this into action, get in touch with me and I can give some further guidance.

Published: 06 Apr 2020

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