How to use the Grade - Year Settings Page to restrict enrolments

Set which year grades and calendar years your enrolment and expression-of-interest forms are open for.

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Grade Year Settings

Did you know you are able to set the calendar years and grade/year of entry that parents can select at the beginning of filling an enrolment form or an expression-of-interest form.

The big win from this feature is to stop parents from submitting enrolment forms for years that are already full (or closed to enrolment) and thinking they still have a shot at enrolling their son/daughter at your school because they’ve paid an enrolment form fee.

You can put a custom message underneath Year of Enrolment and Grade of Enrolment to say ‘If the year of entry and grade of entry is not available, then enrolments are not open for that year and grade of entry.’

How to make this work for your school is to keep the enrolment form very restricted in what years are open, most commonly for 2 years out from now. You don’t want parents submitting full enrolment forms for 2022 and beyond. You could also make the enrolment form ‘Invite Only’ to even restrict it further.

Expressions of Interests should be open for further into the future say from 2022 and beyond all the way out to 2032 to allow for children who are born this year to put themselves onto a ‘waitlist’ for year 7 in 2032.

Published: 17 Apr 2019

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