New Features Released in June '19

Read about all the new features we rolled out in the month of June!

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Paper Applications

It’s been another exciting month at EnrolHQ. Happy "Last Day of Term" for those of you in NSW who actually get time off during term breaks. I hope your desk doesn’t currently look like the one above with a pile of paper applications sitting on top - it’s a real photo from a real school!

For June, I actually spent a lot of it driving all over Sydney to visit different schools and talk to different Enrolment Registrars and Marketing Managers. I’ve been demo-ing new features, training up people and gathering feedback from all of you to make EnrolHQ a better system.

As a Product Manager, a major part of my job is to *listen* and figure out what to roll out to help you do better in your job.

Here’s what we rolled out this month (I’m going to explain these new features in more detail in coming posts):

  1. EnrolHQ now enables the ‘Primary Point of Contact’ Parent to go into their Parent Dashboard to update their contact details (for both parents in case they’re separated)
  2. We now allow Parents to come back to re-upload documents from their Parent Dashboard if the Enrolments Registrar has reviewed an application and deemed certain uploaded documents to be not 'up to standard'. EnrolHQ automatically emails the parents asking them to re-upload the missing/illegible documents pertinent to their childs' application.
  3. Added 2 new boxes to the dashboard - one is ‘Top Primary Schools’ to show which feeder school is producing the most applications. The second one is ‘Top Religions’ so that Catholic schools, for example, can see statistics about how many ‘Catholic’, ‘Orthodox’, ‘Other Christian’, ‘Other Religion enrolment applications they are receiving.
  4. In the progress steps for an enrolment we’ve now split the ‘Acceptance’ step and the ‘Payment’ step into 2 separate checkboxes so Enrolment Registrars can see where parents are being held up in the acceptance of offer stage and filter by this.
  5. Improved the Event Attendee export with extra columns so now all attendee data is present in the export.
  6. Improved the Parent experience when booking into a School Tour so they don’t double book themselves by adding their own names as ‘Extra Attendees’. We show them the list of attendees and prefill their names if they have said they want to attend.
  7. No longer show “Emails to Staff” in the Comms Log, we only show the emails sent to parents.
  8. Deployed the ‘Primary Point of Contact’ upgrades so that parents filling out an enrolment form are able to specify if the parent/carer 1 or parent/carer 2 should be the primary point of contact for the enrolment application.
  9. Deployed the extra fine-grained Enrolment ‘Status’ filters so Registrars can see which enrolments are incomplete, which are new, which have an offer and which ones have expired.
  10. Added two different types of ‘Decline’ to the Registrar’s toolbox. One is a ‘Decline of Offer by Parent’, the other is ‘Decline of Enrolment by School’ - it’s an important distinction for record keeping / statistical purposes.
  11. Improved the Passport/Visa collection on the form for Parents who are not Australian Citizens. Some schools requested that parents supply Visa details as well as the student.
  12. Rolled out the "Calendar Year → Grades Open" settings for Enrolment Application Forms and Expression of Interest Forms to limit parents from filling out a form and paying a fee for a year that is already full or not open yet.

That’s all for now, wishing all those of you who have a break coming up a happy and safe holiday, for the rest of you, I’ll see you at the coalface on Monday!

Eddy Chan
EnrolHQ Product Manager

Published: 28 Jun 2019

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