Filter and sort enrolment documents to be reviewed

In EnrolHQ we have a tab that shows all the document uploads you have yet to review.

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The Show More filters in the Review section of EnrolHQ allows you to filter out document uploads which have not yet been validated. This can help you work out which documents are outstanding. The three classifications for each document include:

  • Not Validated - You haven't checked the document and marked it as verified or unverified.
  • Unverified - The parent needs to re-upload the document as it's insufficient. Marking as unverified will open up the re-upload task inside the Parent Dashboard for the parent to re-submit the document.
  • Verified - Document is good. No further action required.

Filter for the document you want to review and EnrolHQ will show all the student profiles which still need to be reviewed.

Filter and sort enrolment documents with EnrolHQ.jpeg

Published: 28 Mar 2022

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