New Features Released in March '19

Here's what we built for you in the month of March 2019.

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We call March the start of 'duck season'. If you are going to get some leads and applications, most of them will happen between March - June. These 3 months are when we typically see the most enrolment action happen for the year. It's the time to really use the power of EnrolHQ to secure those applications.

Open Days typically fall in March / April and so this month we launched a new 'Kiosk' feature for those checking in at events so they don't need to pre-register. Having the ability to change the workflow process for those that book prior to an event compared to those that check-in at the event is proving to be a great way to make sure we capture every important lead.

Learn what other improvements we made this month below:

  1. [For Enrolment Registrars] Added "Set Username"/"Set Password"/"Switch Parents" functionality to the future student profile so you can better support parents going through the enrolment process
  2. Added a custom ‘Kindergarten Label’ for Queensland/South Australia schools so these schools can rename it to ‘Reception’ or ‘Prep’
  3. Enhancements added to Event "Kiosk" Sign-In Feature including adding a Title field for extra attendees, making Parent 1/Parent 2 part of step 3, allowing extra questions on Step 2.
  4. Case Cleaning on Form Submission for name fields - Some parents were entering names in all caps like 'LASTNAME' or in no caps at all like 'firstname'. All names are now automatically converted to ‘Title Case’ where the first letter is capitalised and the remainder are lowercase for better presentation when you communicate with the parents.
  5. Added Grade of Entry and Year of Entry on the Enrolment Acceptance Page so that parents are able to double check this is correct when accepting an offer.
  6. Print all document uploads to a single PDF that can be downloaded by staff, this avoids opening 5 different documents to verify an enrolment application.
  7. Added Bulk function to invite selected students to fill out Enrolment Form - the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown now shows an action called 'Send Enrolment Invitations'
  8. Added 'Current School' field as an option to Event Booking form to collect more data for profiling future students
  9. Staff now have the ability to "Add New Contact" on any of the contact list screens. Shows a pop-up modal form to ask for Student first name, last name, DOB, calendar year of entry and grade of entry which is the minimum EnrolHQ needs to create a family profile.

Published: 25 Mar 2019

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