Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the EnrolHQ Team (and 79 things we've released in the second half of 2021)

Plus there's a pressie in there for you which we are announcing today. Read on to find out what it is. At the bottom you'll find a list of some of the things we've released over the last several months.

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Hi everyone! Eddy here, haven't blogged for ages or posted on our Facebook group cos I've been hiding under a rock doing 1000s of support cases and hundreds of hours of onboarding in 2021! So I'm doing a cameo blog post to round out the year before we go on break.

EnrolHQ Office Closure Dates

Just letting you know that the EnrolHQ office is closed from 24 December until 4 January. We will still have a skeleton crew of engineers monitoring systems to make sure everything is up and running and secure 24/7 so your parent enquiries, applications and tour bookings will come through without issue and be waiting for you to return.

However, for standard customer support (tickets submitted to our office will close on 24 December 2021 and re-open on Tuesday 4 January 2022.

Our Christmas Present To You - "Log-In As a Parent"

The biggest pressie that Santa (or actually, our brilliant dev team) stuffed in the EnrolHQ stocking for you guys is 'Log-In as a Parent'. I've answered many of your support requests that start with 'Hey Eddy, I've got this parent and they're having trouble on such and such a screen'. Well, now you have the tool for you to 'Log-In as the Parent' to try to troubleshoot yourself before submitting a ticket to

To use it - Simply go to any Student Profile and click on the Primary Point of Contact. You'll see the 'Log in as Parent' button on the primary point of contact control bar.

Login As Parent - Staff Dashboard View

Click on this button and it will take you directly to that parents' enrolment dashboard and you'll be able to see what the parents see including any children they've entered into your school's Enrolment System. For each child, you'll be able to see the list of outstanding tasks and actually click through to those to see what the parent is stuck on - as if you are the parent. To leave the "Log In as a Parent" view once you're done, just click on the big 'Release Parent' white button at the top inside the yellow bar. The yellow bar signifies that you're logged in on behalf of a parent as a staff member.

Log-In as Parent - Parent Dashboard

I think it's going to be a huge help to EnrolHQ schools in 2022 and we look forward to your feedback!

A big thank-you to all the schools who've worked with us throughout the year, whether we've seen you in webinars or answered your support tickets, it's been our pleasure. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team at EnrolHQ. I'm going to sign-off with a list of 79 things that we've released since July 1 to give a re-cap of all the achievements big and small.



Recent EnrolHQ Upgrades

  1. "Correspondence Sent To" question in the application form was changed from a dropdown to a multi-select option. Some parent/carers may select 'Mother' and 'Guardian/Carer' where the child is living with someone other than parents.
  2. Made the 'Offer Letter PDF Generation' an option to be turned off. Some schools do not want the Offer of Enrolment Email being printed as an Offer Letter PDF and attached as the cover page to the Acceptance of Offer documentation sent to parents.
  3. Expression of Interest Payment Line Label was made editable.
  4. Expression of Interest Form had PDF re-print option added in case Staff made updates to the information submitted by Parents to correct mistakes and need a fresh copy of the PDF.
  5. We now allow parents to self-select their own custom category tags on Enquiry, Event Booking, Expression of Interest and Application Forms. For instance, they might select their attendance pattern for ELC, whether or not they are applying for scholarship, whether they are Domestic or International applicants and this tags the student profile automatically with the options the parent has chosen.
  6. Added email template conditional logic based on custom categories. If parents choose whether they are Domestic/International Applicants etc the automatic emails that are sent to them when the form is submitted can have logical statements added to display different text based on the answers provided by the parents.
  7. Added the ability for Staff to format the text for Event Descriptions.
  8. Underneath Student Photo Upload inside Parent Dashboard, added 'Current School' and 'Current Year Level' dropdowns so parents can keep schools updated on these 2 fields.
  9. Added more Custom Document Upload Fields - which can be relabelled by school staff. You can also choose whether the file uploads are mandatory or not. The file uploads are connected to the verify/unverify flow so that you can request parents to re-upload at a later date.
  10. Attendance Type (Boarder, Day Student, Weekly Boarder) has Year Level entry limiting now. For example your school may be an ELC to Year 12 school for day students, yet if parents pick that they want their child to be a boarder, this will restrict their year level of entry to Year 7 to Year 12.
  11. Terms and Conditions PDF are optional for Enrolment Applications. Some schools do not require parents to agree to any Terms and Conditions of Enrolment at Application Form submission time, only when they accept the Offer of Enrolment.
  12. Allowed Expression of Interest Form Payments to be adjusted to any amount on a per student basis, not just $0 or the default.
  13. Added the ability to assign a student profile to multiple interviewers at once so when parents log in to book an interview time, they can see multiple interviewers' availabilities and choose one.
  14. Added '{{ profile.term_of_entry_label }}' as a tag to Email Templates so if you have a mid year entrant and they are entering in "Term 2", "Term 3" or "Term 4" - this can be populated automatically in emails.
  15. Added extra email templates for Reserved Place Offer and the ability to select the correct template when making the Reserved Place Offer. (For schools who make Enrolment Offers in 2 stages for each applicant, Reserved Place is the name we give to the first stage)
  16. Added the ability to specify a Credit Card Surcharge - many schools are charging a 0.9% surchage or 1.5% surcharge for credit card payments. This is added automatically on top of the Application Fee or Acceptance of Enrolment Offer Fee and is reflected as a separate line item on receipts sent to parents and to the school finance team.
  17. Request Document Follow-Up is a bulk action now. You can unverify all school reports and NAPLANS for a given cohort and then bulk send a "Request Document Follow-Up" email to all those parents to request them to upload latest school reports and NAPLANs.
  18. Email Communication Preferences against Parent 1 and Parent 2 - this feature allows you to ask how often parents would like you to contact them for marketing emails such as invites to School Musicals or Art Exhibitions. Parents have the ability to choose that they do not want to be contacted at all except for transactional communciations pertaining to enrolment.
  19. Added the list of Attachments in Email Preview so you can be sure that you've correctly attached your documents before bulk sending an email.
  20. Integrated with Fat Zebra Payment Solution which is our preferred payment provider for ANZ
  21. Intelligence Reports (how many enquiries you received year on year, applications you received year on year etc) now have a Year Level filter in addition to the Entry Year filter. You can select multiple Year Levels and multiple Entry Years.
  22. Added a permission checkbox for the schools to access VEVO online immigration portal, in order to maintain and update our child’s visa information.
  23. Added 'Offer Made' date as a column that you can turn on in the All Customers list view.
  24. Not every Custom Form requires a signature, in the ones that don't we added a "Submitted By" and "IP address of the submitter" and include the date/time submission at the top of the PDF print out.
  25. For Interviews - if you unassigned an interviewer, you can now remove the entire Interview Booking to keep the screen tidy.
  26. Added Email as a field to Emergency Contacts for API
  27. Changed Interview Duration dropdown to 5 Minute increments because some schools were running 25 minute or 35 minute interviews.
  28. Added a NAPLAN Document Filter to filter for applicants who have not yet uploaded a NAPLAN
  29. Some schools want a hard cut-off for Kindergarten age. If the child's birthday is after the cut-off date then EnrolHQ will not let them progress to the next step of the application form if it's setup like this. Most schools will continue with a soft cut-off meaning the form will predict the calendar year of entry based on the child's DOB and year level of entry.
  30. Custom Form PDFs are now generated automatically and attached to emails sent by automations with triggers based on Custom Form submits.
  31. You can now bulk export Interview PDFs - In the global bulk menu, please allow staff to select multiple applicants and allow them to bulk export the Interview PDF for printing. Some schools interview the entire cohort of applicants e.g 200 students, they can now bulk download the interview sheets.
  32. Moved extra Guardian/Carer questions below the Parent/Carer 1 and Parent/Carer 2 on the 2nd page of the application form to improve the flow and user experience for Parent/Carers.
  33. Reversed the event order inside filters for "Registered for Event" so that the most recent events are easy to find and filter for.
  34. Moved Gender question to follow directly after Date of Birth. Gave schools the ability to turn on the 'Other' gender and relabel if necessary.
  35. If Parent 2 signs Enrolment form separately (or Expression-of-Interest form), EnrolHQ will now automatically reprint the PDF so it has both signatures on it.
  36. Custom Forms had an ACARA section for Parent/Carer 1 and Parent/Carer 2 added. The questions included are: Languages other than English for P1/P2, Occupational Group, Highest School Year, Highest Qualification
  37. Added a new Enrolment Status - "Pending". This can be enabled/disabled like the Waitlist and relabelled. It provides schools extra flexibility in how they pigeonhole their future students and gives easier abiility to filter.
  38. Added MP4 as a file type for accepted uploads so that schools can take a 10MB '30 second video' made by the applicant to test spoken English.
  39. Resend Email Confirmation button so that after you edit an event booking you can resend details to Parent - Goes to Primary Point of Contact Parent only just like a standard email does when user parent fills out Event Booking Form.
  40. Custom Forms - added 'Multi Steps' functionality so you break up a long custom form into a series of pages or 'steps'. Each step should have a limited number of questions. As parents press 'Next' it saves their progress and their answers.
  41. Made Custom Forms 'dependent' on other custom forms being filled out. This is handy if you need parents to fill out forms in a certain order, you can say Form B is dependent on Form A. That means Form B can only be opened after Form A has been submitted.
  42. Added Biller Code as a setting that we can pass through to BPoint
  43. Email Automations have a new trigger which is the student's DOB so that staff can be notified to send a birthday greeting.
  44. Made the Preschool Questionnaire Heading an Editable Label that overrides the dynamic Label. You can put 'ELC Questions' as the heading. The questions in this section would be things like 'Preferred attendance pattern', 'Are you enrolled at another Preschool/Daycare' etc.
  45. Added CRM Notes to Interview sheet so the printout contains Notes as well as Learning Support, Medical Details to give the interviewer a complete picture of the applicant
  46. Enabled multiple reminders per Event and only send certain reminders depending on the Event Type e.g Online Events need different reminders to In-Person School Tours.
  47. Added extra details if known to the top of custom forms e.g Attendance Type, House, Year Level of Entry, Term of Entry, Entry Year is known.
  48. Added "Upload your child’s formal Diagnosis/Assessment/Specialist Reports" file upload field and "Upload your child’s current IEP (Individual Education Plan)". Both are re-labable please and turned off by default."
  49. Added 'Victorian Student Number' field below NESA field on Student Profile
  50. Allow 'Accepted' Offers to be Deleted. But force staff to type 'DELETE' into a modal box with a input field before deleting an Accepted Offer As a registrar, sometimes parents may accept an offer, and then come back to say they want to decline for Year 5, 2022 entry and go to Year 7, 2024 entry. In this case the registrar wants to delete the Year 5, 2022 accepted offer and re-issue an offer for Year 7, 2024.
  51. New Leads Generator - added a new section for 'Parent Details only'. Some schools want a lighter weight form that doesn't ask for Child details, only the Parent's name and contact details. We added a section for this in EnrolHQ and also provide the code snippet to place on your website to collect these leads.
  52. Added a "Re-Send Invitation" button for "Invite to Enrol" Emails
  53. Made Manual Payment buttons to be available at all times not just afterr Parent submits signature
  54. Added Reset and Re-Open for Custom Forms This has become imperative now because so many schools use custom forms and come up with the same problem. Re-Open keeps answers but lets parent go into the form again. Reset clears the answers and lets parent start from scratch. We also added abulk reset so that schools can change the year to 2023 and send out to all the same parents again for example 'Medical Details Update 2023'.
  55. All payments now have 'Includes GST' Yes/No setting. If No is selected then EnrolHQ won't print 'Includes GST of' line on the payment receipt
  56. Make the Application Form Mandatory before Enrolment Offer Acceptance. This is for schools that import their future students into EnrolHQ to use the Offer of Enrolment functionality. They can ask parents to fill out an application form again to update details before signing and paying for the enrolment acceptance.
  57. Finance Report - Added a setting to allow the school to determine the daily time e.g 6pm, 11pm the Financial Transactions Report email is sent
  58. Added a new field: Profile --> Ethnic Origin (dropdown list defined by school) - Goes under Country of Birth
  59. Made Parent 1/Parent2 Occupation field label editable e.g "Position/Work Title"
  60. Made Parent 1/Parent 2 Employer field label editable e.g "Employer/Company"
  61. Added Arbitrary HTML sections beneath the heading for each section. E.g Siblings, Emergency Contact, Questionnaire etc to give explanation for it
  62. Added Profile --> Date of Arrival to Australia (if not born in Australia) - Order of fields is now Country of Birth, Upload Citizenship Certificate/Passport, Date of Arrival into Australia, Ethnic Origin. Schools can enable/disable any of these fields.
  63. Emergency Contacts - Added 2 x custom Yes / No Questions at end of the block. Labels should be editable and disabled by default.
  64. Allow 2 Guardian/Carers - only 1 was allowed originally. On a single application EnrolHQ can now accept 2 Parent/Carers and 2 additional Guardian/Carers which is used for situations like overseas students putting their parents' details in but also living with a homestay family/relatives in Australia and putting 2 contacts for that.
  65. Added Title to Guardian block
  66. Added Parent 1/Parent 2 --> Industry (school provided list) dropdown field, goes under Employer
  67. Guardian >> Added single field question 'This carer lives with' under Relationship to student question. Label is editable and the field is disabled by default.
  68. Moved Application Date to the top of the Application PDF
  69. Medical Details --> added Ambulance Fund Subscription (Yes / No)
  70. Allow Supporting Medical Documents be able to take multiple uploads for multiple Action Plans e.g Asthma Action Plan, Anaphylaxis Action Plan, Diabetes Action Plan, Doctor's reports etc.
  71. Improved Address Entry User Experience for Parents - Street Address with Google autocomplete comes first. Then the "Unit/Apartment/Flat/Suite (If Applicable)" comes second. Removed "NUMBER" from the "UNIT/APARTMENT/FLAT/SUITE" text.
  72. Alumnus Block - added a new field "What School?". It's a text input, label editable, disabled by default. Placed under Year of leaving and is used for historical schools that have merged to become a new school
  73. Alumnus Block - made "Year of leaving" field label editable
  74. Profile --> If Child is an Australian citizen but was born overseas, we now to ask to upload an Australian citizenship certificate or Australian passport. (Goes under Country of Birth)
  75. Parent1/Parent2 --> If both parents born outside of Australia then we will ask for Citizenship cert or Passport for Parent in P1/P2.
  76. For P1 and P2 Relationship - Stepmother and Stepfather relabeled to Stepmother / De facto Stepmother, Stepfather / De facto Stepfather respectively.
  77. Medical Details --> Added Dentist details just like Doctor details including Name, Phone, Address
  78. Events can now have multiple sub "Sessions" - Background: Since COVID, schools have limitations on how many people on site during their Open Days. At the moment, it is clunky to have 10 x events for all the sessions for Open day listed and hard to manage for check-in screen - as people don't adhere to their session time. It's also hard for reporting totals - if the event is split across 10 sessions. This solution allows the staff member to create 1 Event eg Open Day and have 10 sub events. Session 1 - 10. Each session has a start and end time, and capacities and the ability to make private and disable. It can also have a unique label.
  79. Log in on behalf of parent.

Published: 22 Dec 2021

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