New Feature - Custom Questionnaire as Part of Enrolment Form

Learn how custom questions in your Enrolment Form can take your process to the next level.

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We have schools with all sorts of varied backgrounds as EnrolHQ clients; schools from different faiths, differing socio-economic backgrounds, large and small schools, Primary vs Secondary (or both), the list goes on.

As we’ve built the system we’ve learned that each school is peculiar in its own little way and no two schools are exactly alike in processes and culture. Our system development philosophy is to offer as much customisation as possible (within bounds) so that each school can use EnrolHQ in a way that suits them and their parents. 

As a school, you’ll want to be asking your parents a few questions beyond the usual demographic and residential stuff. Especially if you have lots of applications or have long waitlists and you will want to filter families based on something other than postcode and religion. 

Enter our latest feature, the ‘Questionnaire’ step of the Enrolment Form. You now have the ability to turn this custom question section on/off and within the form fields settings. If turned on it adds ‘Step 5’ to the Enrolment Form and is titled ‘Questionnaire’. You can add as many text questions as you wish. Common ones would include ‘Why do you want to enrol your child at our school?’, ‘How do you feel you could contribute to the school community’. You have the ability to make it mandatory or not to answer, you can also put some ‘help text’ or ‘rules’ around the question like ‘Please keep your answer to 200 words’. 

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All answers are given by the parents in text format. As with any other part of the Enrolment Form, the parent has the ability to save and come back later to this step just by logging in with their email/password at the Parent Dashboard or via a direct link to the Enrolment Form.

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Once the parent has submitted the answers, we switch on a new tab in the Student Profile screen called ‘Questionnaire’ where you are able to see the answers provided. As per the rest of the enrolment form, these answers will be printed to the PDF version. The answers are a great way to find out more about the family before they come in for a school interview.

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I’m excited about this new feature and can’t wait to roll it out to all the EnrolHQ schools that have been waiting for it. We are going to help them collect important enrolments data from the parents that was previously handwritten and filed away in cabinets. If you're not on our Enrolments Train yet, come and find out more about this new feature at our webinar where we'll give you a live demo.

Published: 05 Sep 2019

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