Roll Up or Roll Down function for student years

The Roll Up or Roll Down function allows schools to move a student or a group of students to a different year. It's as simple as selecting the students you wish to move into a different year from the list and hitting Roll Up or Roll Down from the Bulk Actions.

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Online school enrolments can be time-consuming as they require a lot of information and documentation. Managing a school waitlist can be one of those time-consuming tasks, unless you have the right tools. EnrolHQ has many schools who do not struggle to fill their enrolment quotas, but instead struggle to maintain their waitlist.

The roll-up tool is mainly used for those schools with waitlists, but can also be used from time to time in cases where students, which are underway in their online enrolment process, get assigned to the wrong year.

Enrol HQ’s Roll Up or Roll Down function assists in keeping the system up to date with the most current enrolment information and allows schools to move a group of waitlist profiles to a different year with a few clicks.

The Roll Up feature is most useful when a new school year begins. For example, if a group of waitlisted students are in Year 7, 2021 and they need to move to Year 8, 2022, this function easily allows staff to make that change with just a couple of clicks.

In contrast, the Roll Down function is applicable if a school needs to move a group of students back down a year.

Both Roll Up and Roll Down can be used as bulk actions by selecting multiple profiles at once and then navigating to Bulk Actions > Roll Up or Roll Down.

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Published: 28 Feb 2022

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