View Your Attendee List (Per Event) and Export It to Excel

This feature will help you organise catering and plan out which attendees need special attention

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This new feature focuses on School Tours and Open Days. We know that a big part of School Marketing and an Enrolment Registrars job is to make sure these events run as smoothly as possible and give the best impression for your school.

While I know you make every endeavour to treat every family that comes in as a VIP, we all know that we need to pay particular attention to those who have children enrolling in 2021 or 2022, might have an open enrolment offer or have just submitted an application for enrolment, to drive up that offer acceptance rate a couple of extra percentage points.

EnrolHQ now provides you full lists of attendees for events. You’ll know who is attending for each family and you can address them by title. But not only that, you can see the year of enrolment, grade of enrolment and the enrolment status for each family.

Export it to Excel to make name tags and use the list to order the exact amount of catering and school merchandise to give away.

If you use the iPad check-in feature and the Kiosk sign-in feature (for walk-in families who didn’t book), you’ll even be able mark off attendance and send customised follow-up emails to those who did attend and those who didn’t. Our comments box beside each attendee allows you to compile helpful information for the follow up process.

Using our bulk email tools, easily invite the attendees to fill out an EOI and invite any people who didn’t turn up to the next School Tour.

Published: 09 May 2019

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