Welcome to EnrolHQ's changelog page. This is where we post all the medium to major undertakings on the product. EnrolHQ is a SaaS product, meaning that all the listed changes are applied and available to all our schools. Our knowledgebase links will require you to create an account and reach out to our support team with your username so that you can be permitted to view the content. We only accept current customers on our knowledgebase.

05 Aug 2022

  • For international students: made the visa optional for non residents in case the student visa has not been issued yet

03 Aug 2022

  • New verification tag "Verified by <Name> - Date" on all uploads in the PDF bundle that have been verified by the school

02 Aug 2022

  • CSS change - Added a green preview button for custom forms
  • Added a toggle to choose GPA numbers in predictor report for schools that use GPA as main enrolment form

01 August 2022

  • CSS change - Under offer tab: separated second parent tasks into it's own card
  • CSS change - Under offer tab: moved manual payment button to the top with fee options
  • CSS change - Under offer tab: added save button next to offer expiry date
  • CSS change - In application: move the tick boxes so they align with the heading
  • CSS change - Under form fields: added accordion for the fields
  • CSS change - Under dashboard: added same spacing between boxes 

29 July 2022

  • Ability to search by phone numbers starting in (0)XXX XXX XXX
  • Interview location added to interview PDF

27 July 2022

  • Added a new toggle in Events that allows to hide students and siblings when printing attendee labels and only show the people registered
  • New Make Offer bulk action under Review > Bulk Actions > Make Offer

25 July 2022

  • Added preschool questionnaire to CSV export
  • Added a new “empty category” filter that allows you to pick any custom category and it will show all profiles that don’t have a filter applied
  • CSS change - increased font weight on buttons to 700 
  • Siblings no longer get unlinked when one is moved to cancelled/archived or not proceeding

20 July 2022

  • Custom form PDF bundle for each custom form and the uploaded documents
  • 2 new email tags: him_her_them and his_her_their

18 July 2022

  • New on/off toggle for "house" for headings on custom forms
  • Form errors tab highlighted in red to show where the problem occurs
  • Added option "other" under alumni connections and space to specify

12 July 2022

  • Lead score (weighting) enabled on priorities

11 July 2022

  • Added "add priorities” and “remove priorities” under all prospective > bulk actions

08 July 2022

  • The last enquiry can be responded to from Commslog - send email
  • All forms - all subheadings changed to the schools primary color and all mandatory * in red colour

06 July 2022

  • Live feed - respects Grade/Year/Attendance type filters
  • Live feed - responded enquiries are marked as (Responded)
  • Live feed - new document uploads from parents are named
  • Live feed - documents that have been verified are marked as (Verified) 
  • Live feed - the feed displays staff reviewed and principal reviewed flags

04 July 2022

  • Incomplete applications are automatically removed from the dashboard if a manual submission date is set
  • Added a new email and SMS tag {{ latest_interview_booking }} - that can be used in various templates to show the latest interview booking
  • 3 new system fields/questions are added under form fields > profile with belonging payment logic fields under payment settings to set a different price if "yes" 
  • Are you applying for Bursary? Yes/No
  • Are you applying for Scholarship? Yes/No
  • Will you be applying for AIEF Scholarship? Yes/No

29 June 2022

  • Custom form scroll is removed. Changes can be made by floating box on the right side 

28 June 2022

  • Added toggle to make custom forms mandatory before a reserved place offer can be accepted
  • Application status added to event attendee sheet

27 June 2022

  • Added a Yes/No question before opening siblings and alumni section
  • Read the article: "School Details"

23 June 2022

  • Added a new toggle that can enable/disable parents to start or continue an Enrolment Application form after a manual submission date is set
  • The enrolment process in parent dashboard will be updated to enrolment application if a manual submission is set
  • Alumnae years go back to 1930
  • Default Application Confirmation Checkbox text is now editable and can be removed if terms and conditions are attached
  • Default Enrolment Offer checkbox text is now editable and can be removed if terms and conditions are attached

22 June 2022

  • Added Campus as a student field that is displayed on custom forms if activated

16 June 2022

  • Added gender filter to all prospective

15 June 2022

  • Added warning message on re-open form to minimise mistakes
  • Added staff description area for emails

09 June 2022

  • New filter under All Prospective - Student Interests
  • New filter on Dashboard - Enrolment Type

06 June 2022

  • New email tag for interview templates: interview_booking
  • Updated contact details are visible in the audit log

01 June 2022

  • Added filter on live feed to select and show different types of actions
  • Added 6 graphs to Dashboard 
  • Removed colours to improve UI on Dashboard

30 May 2022

  • Cleaned up registered for event filter. All events are arranged by date and past events are now greyed out
  • Staff/principal review buttons are now visible, but greyed out/disabled until an application is received or manual a payment is set
  • Added a flag that can open year groups that are closed in grade year settings on an individual basis. 

27 May 2022

  • Added send Email/Send SMS button on the event screen. Remembers filters and links to All Prospective to easily follow up on events

25 May 2022

  • Read the article: "Lead Score"

  • Read the article: "How to switch primary point of contact when Parent 2 has no email address inside the system"

23 May 2022

  • Added ability to re-open or reset application forms to make it easier to re-enrol.

17 May 2022

  • Added new trigger to SMS: “Invite to Enrol”
  • New workflow on event QR code check-in for parents. Added splash page for preregistered parents to self-check-in 

13 May 2022

  • Read the article: "Lead Score"

29 April 2022

  • New system field under language section: "Does the student require assistance with English literacy?"
  • Added all prospective button at the top of the dashboard page
  • Applications - All stages are now linked to their respective filter. Eg click Current Offers or Offers Expired to run the filter and see the corresponding applicants.
  • Totals are now clearer to read.

26 April 2022

  • Added a button to 'Documents Tab' to allow registrar to send 'Request Documents' email

24 April 2022

  • Gender column and count added in review screen
  • Added lead score to rank and prioritise the applicants

22 April 2022

  • Parent1 / Parent2 signed date and time/Date application fee paid now available on CSV export
  • "How hear" added to lead form
  • Question: “Preferred contact method” now customisable

13 April 2022

  • Added a new Residency question: "Please state your eligibility evidence type"

11 April 2022

  • Taiwan, Province of China is renamed to Taiwan, Republic of China
  • Added another grade before junior Kindergarten. Default name = Daycare (2 years old)
  • Events remain 'current' for at least 72 hours after the end date
  • Public kiosk check-in available AFTER the event has ended
  • Ability to delete previously uploaded documents out of TC boxes on the Customisation page
  • PDF version of the GPA form can be attached to the Staff email
  • Sibling names more prominent on Parent Dashboard
  • Removed 1500px minimum width requirement on image upload
  • Pre-signed URLs timeout after 30 minutes instead of 10 minutes

06 April 2022

  • Added suburb/postcode to attendee report

04 April 2022

  • Ability to bulk export questionnaire fields in CSV
  • New system field under medical: What is the status of your child's immunisation - Radio List options

31 March 2022

  • Added a new system field under the student section:

Cultural and/or religious requirements - Stand-alone box

30 March 2022

  • Added a "Remove Invitation" button for those that use the function "invite to enrol". This button  deletes the invitation that was sent and stops the parent from accessing the Application for Enrolment
  • Created a checkbox to keep the original booking slot closed when transferring interviews to the final interview. No new bookings at this time are available for other parents if this box is ticked. 
  • Announcement label editable
  • Put in an additional description under "staff to email"

29 March 2022

  • Added 3 new system fields under the parent section:

Are you self employed? - Radio Yes/No

Postcode of work - Free form

Industry - Dropdown (schools must provide values)

28 March 2022

  • Changed the logic status for manually accepted offers. When a student is moved to orientation status the expired offer disappears from the dashboard. 
  • Added the ability to delete an event if no attendees connected to it. 

25 March 2022

  • Added a toggle to keep Expression of Interest form open in the application form and closed in the main Parent Dashboard view

Show Expression of Interest Link at Parent DashboardShow Expression of Interest in the Enrolment Process at Parent Dashboard

24 March 2022

  • Added a delete button for interviewers with no availabilities

23 March 2022

  • Added a new HTML box to the agreement page
  • Added Expression of Interest list to the Parent Dashboard
  • Added scroll-colour on options in School Details

22 March 2022

  • Top Left Search Bar - All Prospective Search is now All Profile Search - and includes all profiles in the system - not just futures.
  • Verify Documents - toggle added to select all / deselect All Documents
  • Custom Form Report - Search Bar added to look up profiles or parents
  • Lead Forms - Added Parent Title, Home Phone, Business Phone and Address fields.

28 Feb 2022

  • Made principal review and staff review buttons independent of each other
  • Added custom checkboxes under Enrolment Offer

21 Feb 2022

  • Added ability to reorder custom questions and multi-choice answers

17 Feb 2022

  • Option to slide-out main menu
  • Read the article: "How to re-upload documents"

14 Feb 2022

  • Added a new filter - "Assigned" under Custom Form Submits
  • Read the article: "How to add users in EnrolHQ"

  • Read the article: "How to delete student profile categories"

09 Feb 2022

  • Added shortcut - "verify all documents" button in student detailed view

07 Feb 2022

  • Added ability to disable Parent Dashboard bookings against each interviewer. Interviews > Interviewers > Enable Interview Booking by Parent

Read the article: "Filter Contacts"

04 Feb 2022

  • Event URLs are now editable

Read the article: "Bulk Actions"

Read the article: "Duplicate Profiles"

28 Jan 2022

  • Added WYSIWYG editor to all our Customisation fields so that admins no longer need HTML experience
  • Enable schools to choose single choice or multiple choice under "How Hear" field
  • Added more fields under "Emergency contacts"
  • Upgraded Top Schools in Dashboard to filter additional statistic data like current school/religion/etc for schools that don't use the Enrolment form. 
  • Now print Student Profile Category on Custom Forms
  • Now print External ID on Custom Forms
  • Removed EnrolHQ users from user list to make this list cleaner

21 Jan 2022

  • Added a new feature: Live Feed to the EnrolHQ Dashboard

19 Jan 2022

  • Released a new feature "Bookmarks". This allows registrars to create and save frequently used filters. 
  • Released a new feature "Address Book" under Email Settings > Address Book. Now schools can save frequently used email addresses and these will appear in a dropdown menu when sending an email. 
  • Ability to create a profile on a Custom Form
  • New articles are available on the support page. 

Read the article: "Cancelling Events"

Read the article: "Address Book"

Read the article: "Filter through Bookmarks"

Read the article: "Creating Custom Forms"

14 Jan 2022

  • Gender layout has been stacked underneath each other
  • Added parent details under Interview review PDF

12 Jan 2022

  • New articles available on the support page.

Read the article: "Marketing Lead forms"

Read the article "Types of Emails: System, Custom and Marketing"

05 Jan 2022

  • New articles available on the support page.

Read the article: "Roll Up and Roll Down Students"

Read the article: "Making multiple sessions for an event"

Read the article: "How to create a field for additional document uploads"

Read the article: "Log in as Parent"

24 Dec 2021

  • Cleaned up the top menu style on student and parent profiles, interviewers menu, review screen and detailed view screen so just 1 line. Added all other search filters behind the show more button.
  • Added colour key to highlight rows that had been exported to XML or Synced with SIS.
  • Added duplicate filter YES / NO under All Prospectives > Show More filter to run a duplicates report - this looks at student's name and DOB.
  • New setting to hide EOI/Scholarship/GPA form button from appearing on Parents Dashboard if used for internal purposes only. Added toggle to switch on/off in the Parent Dashboard under Settings > Customisation.
  • Added rollover of years. We can now easily transfer students from one year to another. Found in bulk actions (Roll Up / Roll Down).

22 Dec 2021

  • Added a new option to set the position of Announcements and Videos under Parent Dashboard Settings. It can now appear in the middle or right column - top or bottom.
  • Siblings are no longer permanent in GPA or ENR form - they can be turned off and on.
  • Released a new feature ‘Log in as Parent’ where Registrars’ can log in as parent and troubleshoot the issues parents are facing. Found under the Detailed view > User Parent tab.

21 Dec 2021

  • Set a new limit to email attachments that prompts to upload to Parent Dashboard Settings and link to it from the email for better workflow.
  • Event custom questions moved to above how did you hear about us
  • New default setting that displays the calendar for new/copied multiple event sessions.

20 Dec 2021

  • New improvement to make previously uploaded documents more visible for parents. Added blue link and made previously uploaded documents appear in parent dashboard.
  • Enquiry text now editable under customisation page
  • Medical Details --> Added dentist details just like doctor details including name, phone and address

10 Dec 2021

  • Released a new feature with sub events. This solution allows the staff member to create 1 Event eg Open Day and have 10 sub events. Session 1 - 10 to manage limitations and restrictions.
  • Improved parent auto reply email to parents to hide some personal information and keep it only available for staff.
  • Enabled multiple reminders per Event and only send certain reminders depending on the Event Type e.g Online Events need different reminders to In-Person School Tours.
  • Added additional settings under form fields to request more detailed information under student and parent profile details and doctor details.

5 Dec 2021

  • Manual payment button available at all times. Also added a new setting that allows the school to determine the time the finance report via email gets sent out. Settings->Payment Settings -> Hour of Sending the Daily Reports.
  • Created an option to restrict automatic payment receipt going out to parents for manual payments as some schools prefer to raise their own receipt.
  • Created a checkbox under payment settings that allows the schools to choose including GST yes/no.

28 Nov 2021

  • Implemented bulk export for multiple SAS2000 profiles.
  • System now shows a message that prompts the parents to fill out any outstanding tasks before accepting enrolment is possible.
  • Medical Details --> added Ambulance Fund Subscription (Yes / No)
  • Added Parent 1/Parent 2 --> Industry (school provided list) dropdown field, goes under Employer
  • Added 'Victorian Student Number' field below NESA field on Student Profile

15 Nov 2021

  • Calendar Year of Entry dropdown extended to go back to 2014 for historical data and reports purposes
  • Improved Address Entry User Experience for Parents - Street Address with Google autocomplete comes first. Then the "Unit/Apartment/Flat/Suite (If Applicable)" comes second.
  • Increased the number of emergency contacts to 4
  • Allow Supporting Medical Documents be able to take multiple uploads for multiple Action Plans e.g Asthma Action Plan, Anaphylaxis Action Plan, Diabetes Action Plan, Doctor's reports etc.
  • Added a resend Invitation button for staff to invite to enrol emails and a resend email confirmation button so that after you edit an event booking you can resend details to parent 

06 Nov 2021

  • Integrated with Fat Zebra Payment Solution
  • Added the ability to specify a Credit Card Surcharge - many schools are charging a 0.9% surcharge or 1.5% surcharge for credit card payments.
  • Added '{{ profile.term_of_entry_label }}' as a tag to Email Templates so if you have a mid year entrant and they are entering in "Term 2", "Term 3" or "Term 4" - this can be populated automatically in emails.
  • Allowed Expression of Interest Form Payments to be adjusted to any amount on a per student basis, not just $0 or the default.
  • Added more Custom Document Upload Fields - which can be relabelled by school staff. You can also choose whether the file uploads are mandatory or not. 

01 Nov 2021

  • Added Profile --> Date of Arrival to Australia (if not born in Australia) - Order of fields is now Country of Birth, Upload Citizenship Certificate/Passport, Date of Arrival into Australia, Ethnic Origin. Schools can enable/disable any of these fields.
  • Made Parent 1/Parent 2 Employer field label editable e.g "Employer/Company"
  • Made Parent 1/Parent2 Occupation field label editable e.g "Position/Work Title"
  • Added Reset and Re-Open for Custom Forms. Reset clears the answers and lets parent start from scratch. We also added a bulk reset so that schools can change the year to 2023 and send out to all the same parents again for example 'Medical Details Update 2023'.
  • Added CRM Notes to Interview sheet so the printout contains Notes as well as Learning Support, Medical Details to give the interviewer a complete picture of the applicant

26 Oct 2021

  • Profile > Student Lives With “Other” is given as an option. We added a field in which they can type extra information relating to “Other”.
  • Increased the max length of visa subclass to 100 max length.
  • If GPA form has had 2nd parent waived and fee set to 0, we now allow the form to still print.
  • Made NAPLAN and School reports not mandatory for lower years (as they will not have completed)
  • Added a new Enrolment Status - "Pending". This can be enabled/disabled like the Waitlist and relabelled. 

01 Oct 2021

  • Bulk export Interview PDFs - In the global bulk menu that allows staff to select multiple applicants and allow them to bulk export the Interview PDF for printing. 
  • Created an optional hard cut-off for Kindergarten age. If the child's birthday is after the cut-off date then EnrolHQ will not let them progress to the next step of the application form if it's setup like this.
  • Added a permission checkbox for the schools to access VEVO online immigration portal, in order to maintain and update our child’s visa information.

15 Sep 2021

  • Moved Documents to own Tab and introduced Staff Only uploads
  • Custom Forms - added 'Multi Steps' functionality so you break up a long custom form into a series of pages or 'steps'. Each step should have a limited number of questions. As parents press 'Next' it saves their progress and their answers.
  • New Leads Generator was added
  • Allow for multiple start and stop triggers for automations.
  • Allow student profile categories to be added to forms.
  • Added "Upload your child’s formal Diagnosis/Assessment/Specialist Reports" file upload field and "Upload your child’s current IEP (Individual Education Plan)". Both are re-labalable please and turned off by default."

20 Aug 2021

  • Moved Gender up from Citizenship to Student Details
  • Reversed event order inside filters for "Registered for Event"
  • Moved Parental Responsibility Details and 'Upload Copies' of relevant Court Orders' directly underneath Parents' Relationship.
  • The Guardian Fields only showed if you started entering a first name. We changed it to a button that says 'Add Guardian Details'.
  • Added ability to edit the 'Carer Details' label so you can put explanation this is for Carers who are not parents. This is in Settings > Customisation.
  • Made "Select all (n) items" more prominent in the list view.
  • Country, Born Country and Nationality now default to Australia
  • The label on search fields now says "Type to start searching. No matching results have been found yet."
  • We now show 25 items by default in email templates list view - instead of 10.
  • We indented the menu on the sub menu's to make it easier to read.
  • Added a NAPLAN document filter in the review screens.
  • Not every Custom Form needs a signature. For the ones that don't we need added a Submitted By and IP address of the submitter.
  • If no interviewer is assigned, then you can now remove the interview slot.
  • Added 5 Minute increments for Interview Duration  (they were 15min).
  • Added  a hard cut-off for applicants - if child's expected calendar year of entry for a given grade > what the parent has put in then do not allow them to continue. This is runed off in settings by default.
  • Inserted a column to the right of 'Students Leaving' called Boarders Leaving in the Predictor Report. This column is subtracted from the 'Boarders Total' column in the following year.
  • Added Year of Entry in Intelligence Reports.

15th Aug 2021

  • Allowed for bulk print of interview PDF's through Interview > Schedule

21 Jun 2021

  • You can now copy the Make Offer Template and make as many variations as you require. When you now come to make the offer, these templates will all be presented in the dropdown. We know a lot of you who have many different Offer of Place emails will love this new improvement.
  • Copy, Delete and Preview Custom Email Templates

17 Jun 2021

  • NEW SYSTEM FIELD: Is Parent a current staff member? Y/N]

18 Jun 2021

  • Assign Tasks Feature deployed. Available through the Comms log and Reports > Tasks
  • Assign Grades to Interview QuestionsIf you ask different questions to different parents / students because of their grade of entry, you can now show / hide different sections in the setup.

11 Jun 2021

  • Commencement Date Feature enabled.

8 Jun 2021

  • Ability to select individual or all attendees from your event list and mark in bulk as Not Attended, Attended or Cancelled.

7 Jun 2021

  • Removed P1 and P2 duplicates from the Event Attendees list and Labels Printouts.

5 Jun 2021

  • Review: Pass / Fail Updates. New filters are available on both the Staff and Principal reviews.
    • Grey - Not Validated
    • Green - Pass
    • Yellow - More Info Required
    • Red - No

1 Jun 2021

  • All profiles that are linked to Parent 1's (P1) email address are listed in the detailed view of the other linked family members. This allows you to quickly switch to other sibling profiles when working within a family.

31 May 2021

  • Added GPA Review 

26 May 2021

  • We now print as a PDF and affix the Make Offer email to the start of the Offer of Acceptance PDF bundle.

25 May 2021

  • Interview PDF - used to print Grade of Entry as -3 or -1, 0. We now print the actual label - ie Kindergarten or ELC

24 May 2021

  • Added QR codes to Kiosk events

23 May 2021

  • Re-ordered boxes on main dashboard so they go in correct user workflow.

21 May 2021

  • Merge profiles feature released.

5 May 2021

  • Added Principal's name and their signature if you want this to be added to your final forms as part of the printed PDF package.

3 May 2021

  • We have relabelled 'All Contacts' to be 'All Prospectives' - this filter will NOT include the following stages: Community, Alumni, Cancelled, Declined and Not Proceeding.
  • Split availabilities function to allow you to split availability into different segments and then either delete or edit the new segments.

22 Apr 2021

  • Added Parent only and Child only options for Events. Changed minimum attendees for event from 2 to 1.
  • Add a 'Save and Back' button for saving events and interview availabilities so that when you click it it takes you back to the list view screen to save time.

20 Apr 2021

  • Ability to transfer an interview to another interviewer via Schedule

16 Apr 2021

  • When Custom Forms are submitted, we now append them to the PDF bundle. The final PDF bundle includes the Application Form, Document Uploads, Offer and Acceptance, Terms and Conditions and all submitted custom forms.
  • On the Interview schedule pop-up in the staff admin and parent dashboard, when the pop-up appears for you to book in and it says, Are You Sure You Want To Book This Time?” we now also display the time.
  • In Interviews > Schedule, we now also include the column Attendance Type.
  • Added 'Update Offer Expiry Date' to bulk actions

11 Apr 2021

  • Added 'House' to CSV Export
  • Upcoming Events in admin now display in order of event date - so the next date first.
  • Added 'Parent Links' for easy reference in Staff Dashboard at bottom of menu.
  • Split Interview Schedule into Upcoming and Past
  • Split Interview Assigned Profiles into Upcoming and Past
  • Added 'Profile > Current Grade Level' available in Event and Enquiry form
  • Added Residential and Mailing Address fields for Emergency Contacts and disabled by default.

4 Apr 2021

  • Ability to edit fields to display in transactions report and send a digest of all transactions at 6pm each night to a specified email address.

31 Mar 2021

  • Mailing Address and Communication Preferences for P1 and P2 - new system fields under Parents for more granular reporting.

30 Mar 2021

  • Toggle to set Custom Forms mandatory before Offer of Place can be accepted.

28 Mar 2021

  • Bulk Verify / Unverify Documents

15 Mar 2021

10 Mar 2021

  • Enrolment Predictor Report - BETA version under Reports
  • Gender Field Available on Enquiry and Events forms

1 Mar 2021

  • Re-labeled some Event Settings to make them clearer
  • Events - Kiosk Setting changed to when turned on will allow registrations at any time - irrespective of Event Date and Time.
  • Added Create Date and Last Updated Date to Export CSV.

15 Feb 2021

  • Ability to copy an Event
  • Ability to edit your custom questions on the Interview PDF print-out and load into Interview notes
  • Added INTERVIEW status
  • Added new system fields. The first few are helpful if you enrol older students (Year 10-12).Profile > Title
    Profile > Mobile Phone
    Profile > Email Address
    The following new fields are attached to parent profiles.
    Parent > DOB
    Parent > Church I hold membership at
    Parent > Church I regularly attend
    I know these will be of great use to some of you who require this information. You can turn these on, re-label, make mandatory etc under Settings > Form Fields.
  • Ability to Edit / Delete Notes
  • Ability to review a student in their detailed view - not just via the Review page.
  • Multi-line payment items - if you want to split your payment into line items eg Deposit and Application Fee.
  • Added Reserved Offer of Place step for those that use this extra step in their workflow
  • Added Student Profile Categories so you can create your own internal tags and filters (watch the video)

21 Jan 2021
New System Fields for Medical Section: Authorised to give Panadol and Nurofen Y/N

19 Jan 2021
Student Custom Filters added in School Settings

17 Jan 2021
Line item ability for Fees (both Reserved Place and Offer)

13 Jan 2021
Private status added to custom forms. 

23 Dec 2020
Enrolment Offer and Reserved Offer stages were created.

26 Nov 2020
STAFF users of EnrolHQ will have their internal notifications now come from the email address '' instead of the Registrar or the Enrolments email address.

16 Nov 2020
Added Submitted: Yes / No and Date Submitted Columns to Reports > Custom Form Submits.
Added Bulk Email and Bulk Export functionality to Reports > Custom Form Submits.

12 Nov 2020
Moved Review and the 2 review reports (Principal and Enrolment) into the main menu.

11 Nov 2020
Added A$ to Credit Card checkout page and the text 'This fee is non-refundable.'

9 Nov 2020

Replace 'Student Wellbeing' question label with "Student learning and well-being - is your child a young person diagnosed with"

6 Nov 2020
Added change to Parent Dashboard so that we remove the PDF bundle after 30 days once in  Orientation. This is so sensitive information is not kept available for long periods of time.

3 Nov 2020

Bank of Queensland integration added.

30 Oct 2020

Allowed for EOI to be re-purposed to another form, eg Application or Scholarships. Added ability to re-label site wide and change url slug.

29 Sept 2020

Added videos, announcements and downloads for Parent Dashboard.

Previous new feature logs are available on our website blog.