Events - School Tours and Open Days

Tours, Open Days and other Enrolment Events are easily tracked through EnrolHQ.

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Managing Events

EnrolHQ comes with the ability to setup and run events for future students and their families. Your school might have ‘Open Days’, regular ‘School Tours’ or even ‘Taster Days’ for Kindergarten students. It’s important to capture future parents contact details’ at this stage of the funnel including email and phone and what year/year level-of-entry their child is expected to attend your school. By capturing this data you will be able to communicate with the parents at the right time to enrol their student i.e Year 5 for Year 7 entry.

Schools will commonly have prominent ‘calls-to-action’ on their websites to “Book A Tour” and you can change these to point directly to your EnrolHQ Events page. Marketing teams will often run campaigns on social media and banner/print ads in the local area and these can have links that point to your events page which will be located at

To manage Events click on the ‘Events’ button in the main nav menu on the left hand side.

You will see a list of all the previously created events here showing the ‘Event name’, date, how many people booked in and if the event has already occurred, how many families attended and how many families were no-shows.

To create a new Event, click ‘Add New’ at the top, to Edit an existing event click the Edit Icon on the far right column of the event you want to edit.

Event Details

For each event you will need to add the following details:

  1. Event Name - this is what is shown on the event page that parents are directed to
  2. Event Type - this is the category of event (you can set them up in the School Settings). The category is important because it can be used to change the text in email confirmations and the reminders in the case you have multiple campuses or Junior/Senior schools.
  3. Capacity - for most schools you can set this to something large like 500 or 1000. However if there’s an event with limited space, then use this to limit the number of people booking-in.
  4. Start Time, End Time and Date
  5. You can choose to ‘Hide’ an event if you don’t want it published yet
  6. The “Notify parent with email when public registration form is used.” checkbox determines whether or not a confirmation email is sent to parents using the ‘Public Kiosk’ version of the Check-In form set up on a laptop to collect parents details when they arrive at your school and haven’t pre-booked.
  7. The text box gives you a place to enter a short description of the event

Once you’re done, click on ‘Save’ to make sure any edits are saved and published.

Attendees List

Underneath the main event details, you will have a full list of attendees for your event. This includes parents and anybody else they have registered to come like Grandparents or their own children and siblings. The list is ordered alphabetically by the future students surname and families are grouped together.

In this table view, it shows you Entry Grade, Entry Year, Application Status and the How Did You Hear answers so you can quickly figure out which families you are going to focus on like the families who are 2-3 years out from starting Year 7 or Kindergarten and haven’t started an enrolment form yet.

Filter and Export

You can filter the list for All Attendees, Attended Only, or No Shows Only which lets you Export a filtered list.

Attendance Sheet

You can download an Attendance Sheet which will print 1 family per line on an Excel Sheet and leave a tickbox on the end, this is for schools that don’t want to use iPads to check families in.

Printing Labels

You can print Labels - these will print to Avery Labels Sure Feed SKU 959004 which is a page of 14 labels (2 columns, 7 rows) each label is 38.1mm tall and 99mm wide. Simply feed the label sheets to your printer and click ‘Print Labels’ and EnrolHQ will open your browsers printing dialog to print all the attendees names on labels. (Note: this only works with Google Chrome browser)

Event URLs

There are 3 URLs listed for each event:

  1. ‘Web Event Registration’ URL - this is the standard page parents who are filling out the registration form on their own computer or device go to. If you were to link a social media or online advertising campaign directly to an event, this is the URL you would need to copy.
  2. ‘Public Kiosk’ - this is the URL to use when setting up a laptop to take registrations for parents who turn up at school tours without pre-registering online beforehand. You still want to collect parents’ contact details and their childrens’ details like name, DOB and year of entry so they can use the laptop to enter these. At the end of the form, it loops back to the beginning so the next family can use the laptop
  3. ‘Check-In for Volunteers’ - this takes you to a special page optimised for iPads with the attendance sheet for a tour. You have to be logged in as a staff user or an ‘Event Volunteer’ to be able to use this screen.

Marking Attendance with an iPad

An event volunteer can stand and greet parents as they come through the school gates and ask them for the name of the child enrolling, then search for it and mark that family as attended. They also have the ability to leave a note against that family (for follow-up later) should anything come up in conversation.

Once a family is marked off as attended, they go from red to green and get moved down to the bottom of the page. As more families are marked off, it takes less scrolling to go through the ones that are still to be checked-in. There is also a Search Bar at the top to let you search by students surname.

Conversion Tracking for Marketing

A couple of schools on EnrolHQ have requested certain events be sent to Google Analytics via gtag.js and also ‘Floodlight’ pixels to be included. These can be entered in the Conversion Tracking fields. If you have any custom tracking requirements for Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics or Google Adwords and other marketing trackers, please reach out to our team and we can help you implement these using the custom JS panel.