A Comprehensive
Online Enrolment System for Australian Schools

EnrolHQ is an all-in-one Online Enrolment System built for Australian schools. It's a powerful tool for school marketing and enrolments teams to engage with future parents.

Designed for Parents, Registrars and Support Staff.

EnrolHQ is a system that allows parents to enquire, book a tour, apply for and accept an offer of enrolment.
It allows school Registrars and Admin Staff to track and manage the enrolment process every step of the way, using a powerful CRM and communication tools.

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Core Features

Our built-in CRM database comes fully integrated with many powerful marketing tools, enabling you to properly communicate with and service your future parents.

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Proven Track Record

The team at EnrolHQ has been working with Australian schools for over 15 years (winning 8 School Marketing awards) and brings both experience and best practice.

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Popular Features

EnrolHQ comprises of enquiries, event registrations, enrolment applications, interviews and offers.

Here are a few of the reasons our clients love the system.

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EnrolHQ receives regular system updates.

Learn more about new features, updates and how to get most out of the platform.

Parent View - Book an Interview

New Feature - A Comprehensive Future Student Interview System

Now you can engage future parents to book their enrolment interviews through their parent dashboard using a 'smart' scheduler. Read on to find out how.

Mobile Phone Identity Verification

Case Study - How to securely migrate from Paper Applications to Online Enrolments on EnrolHQ

How to use EnrolHQ to do data entry of student details and read about security measures we put in place to protect parents

EnrolHQ Dashboard Business Intelligence with Map and top feeder Primary Schools

Providing Business Intelligence for Online Enrolments

How dashboard improvements can help you target your marketing and advertising spend

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