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EnrolHQ receives regular system updates.

Learn more about new features, updates and how to get most out of the platform.

synergetic + wonde + edumate + enrolhq

Edumate releases enrolments API and Wonde gets a writeback for Synergetic

Say whaaaa? post about some nice movement on the API front from two major Aussie school management systems. I should have titled this post "Christmas in May" :)

School Enrolments and Onboarding Software

It’s all about “parent journey” a wise man once said

Just a salesy post with feelings, beers, and a new idea for a education tech software category.


67 features our team has rolled out in the last 6 months

Our dev team has never been this busy. The more schools we onboard the more feature requests come in, which is great because these keep improving our product.