From beautiful multi-step forms for parents, a full-featured CRM with sensible workflows for school registrars and full data access for the ICT team and developers, our online school enrolment system has you covered.

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Beautiful, Easy-to-Use, Mobile/Tablet Friendly Forms

From filling out an enquiry form, booking a tour, completing an expression-of-interest or application form, EnrolHQ will ask parents to log-in with their email address and a password to provide a secure, more personalised experience.

Forms are split into multiple steps to break the process into manageable 'chunks' for parents rather than presenting them with a wall of questions.

At every step of every form we save the progress. This means that if parents step away to say scan some documents and need to log back in, they can pick up exactly where they left off.

Also, if a future parent has provided data in a previous interaction with EnrolHQ, it will pre-fill as much information as possible. Residential addresses are validated, students' current school pick lists populated and sensible dropdown options streamline the process for parents to help reduce data-entry errors.

As a parent, you may complete all the steps on your phone or tablet as EnrolHQ works perfectly on all devices. It's the way of the future.

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Parent Dashboard to increase Engagement

When parents use EnrolHQ at your school, they are able to manage multiple siblings' enrolments through their own parent dashboard.

This dashboard is a 'one-stop-shop' where they can update their personal contact details with your School and re-upload documents should the Registrar make a request.

The dashboard keeps parents updated about the status of their childs' enrolment in real-time and prompts them to take the next step when required.

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Full Online "Acceptance of Enrolment Offer" Process

EnrolHQ provides parents the ability to accept the offer of enrolment all online including making the payment by credit card. Gone are the days of having to receive the offer letter in the post and then sending it back with the credit card details scrawled in the payment box.

Now, both parents will go through the process separately and check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment as well as the Data Collection Notice.

EnrolHQ will record the time and date, email address of who is logged in, the IP address and the specific payment details to create a digital signature for the acceptance of offer. School finance teams love how easy it is to reconcile all of the EnrolHQ payments with their accounting systems.

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School Tours and Open Day Event Bookings

EnrolHQ isn't only enrolment forms as we recognise that a parents enrolment journey normally starts with an enquiry or booking in to attend an Open Day or School Tour. That's why we provide a full featured Event Booking module for parents.

Start collecting important details like a child's expected year of entry, grade of entry and current enrolment journey stage so you know who to focus on at your Tours.

Mark off attendance using EnrolHQ's event management tools, write notes and see important information to tailor the Tour to your attendees. Our kiosk check-in feature is particularly useful for those that arrive on the day of your Open Day and have yet to supply their contact details.

When back at your desk, ENROLHQ gives you the ability to quickly follow-up with parents who attended inviting them to take their next step. For those who failed to show, sending an email invitation to re-book into the next scheduled Open Day or School Tour is as easy as a couple of clicks. And, because we already have all their details on file, parents don't need to re-complete a form, making the process quick and seamless.

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Future Students CRM

Track all your future students from initial enquiry to acceptance of offer - all from one screen.

Use EnrolHQ's powerful 'Future Student Status' filters to chase up parents who have outstanding offers of enrolment.

Filter by School Year of Entry and Calendar Year of Entry to focus on communicating with the parents who are your highest priority.

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Registrars Toolbox full of Enrolment Offer and Acceptance Tools

Track when parents start and submit their application forms.

Print the form and all uploaded documents as a single PDF so you can review it conveniently.

Set your own enrolment acceptance fees to give discounts to siblings, scholarship winners, future students with Old Girl/Old Boy connections or give a discretionary discount due to circumstances.

Set a custom expiry date for the enrolment acceptance if parents require an extension to consider your offer.

EnrolHQ gives you very fine grained reporting and control over each and every step of the enrolment offer and acceptance process so you can tailor your communications exactly as required to get that acceptance!

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Powerful Bulk and Automated Emailing Tools

Filter for future students' parents and send them bulk emails effortlessly from EnrolHQ. Your parents personal details are 'mail merged' so you can be sure that each email is personalised and sent directly to the correct recipient. As an added feature, we also log all correspondence against each parent so you can quickly reference any message.

EnrolHQ has an email template for every situation. Whether it be chasing up missing document uploads or school tour reminders, they're all there for your marketing team to customise and brand.

Each email template has 'mail merge' tags for parent and student names, grades and years of entry, what stage of the enrolment they're up to and much more.

Automated emails are sent whenever parents' initiate an action such as an enquiry, booking a tour or submitting an enrolment form. School staff are notified and parents receive acknowledgements.

Whenever you send emails, you will always get the option to preview and proof-read the email as if you were the parent receiving it. This takes all the stress out of sending bulk emails.

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Customisable Enrolment Forms and Workflows

EnrolHQ gives you the ability to make only certain calendar years open for enrolment for different grades. The same feature is available for expressions of interest too. This gives you the control to stop people from enrolling into grades that are already fully subscribed for particular calendar years e.g Year 7, 2020.

The enrolment form itself has lots of options for you to show/hide particular fields that your school requires. It lets you re-label the field names so the form uses your schools' vernacular. You can also set the drop-down options and customise the help text for each question to suit your requirements.

In regards to payment, you are given the option to choose if parents need to pay an admin processing fee when they submit an expression of interest or an application for enrolment form. You are also given the choice to make enrolments 'invite' only if required.

To see all of this in action and how it could work for your school, schedule a demo with us today.

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Full Data Access via RESTful API

EnrolHQ gives your school IT team secure and complete access to the data that you collect from future parents.

We have a full RESTful API to let you access student profiles, parents' data, payments, event bookings, notes, application progress and much more. You can setup a server inside your school network to fully back-up your data.

You can also further extend the functionality of our system by using the data to create your own business intelligence reports for your school leadership team.

API access allows you to create your own integrations with your school management system like Maze or TASS.

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Custom Subdomains and Domain Authentication for Emails

If you already work with schools, EnrolHQ can be used on a subdomain setup by your client. Simply tell us what subdomain you want to use and point the A record to our servers. This keeps the parent experience on brand and allows you to control the process.

As part of the setup, we also configure and authenticate the school's email domain so that emails sent to parents from EnrolHQ come from the school domain. This increases deliverability and reduces the likelihood of any emails ending up in a spam folder. Of course, all of our forms and logins are served over SSL.

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Custom CSS and JavaScript

Load your own fonts, choose your own colours and match your school style guide. We also allow you to upload custom background images and logos. If that's not enough, you can upload your own custom CSS and Javascript on the enquiry and event booking forms. That way, you really brand the whole parent experience.

Safe and Secure Hosting

The EnrolHQ platform is hosted at Amazon Web Services' Sydney Datacentre. Our team ensure that all collected data and sensitive uploaded documents remain onshore and within the Australian legal jurisdiction.

No sensitive data or documents are ever passed between the school and parents as email attachments or unsecured links. Our policy is that parents must always log-in to their secure Parent Dashboard if they want to access any documents and/or update their details.

EnrolHQ has numerous security measures in place to protect your stored data. These include two factor authentication, strong password setting rules and login timeouts as well as external penetration testing on a routine basis. We are happy to discuss these further offline. You may also wish to read our Security White Paper which is available by request.

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