Occassionaly we'll post some useful tips in this space for registrars and other people who use EnrolHQ. There'll be tips about how to maximaise the number of enrolment applications, how to successfully run school tours and so on.

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How-To: Integrate EnrolHQ with Studentnet Cloudwork to provide SSO

If your school uses Studentnet Cloudwork, you can now configure EnrolHQ SAML Settings to allow staff to log-in with their Cloudwork Account. Studentnet has their own Authenticator App with push notifications so MFA is handled via a phone app rather than SMS. They also have nifty features like geo-blocking logins, …Read more

Published: 16 Jan 2023

Top Tips for a School Open Day

Open Days for 2021 are now in full swing and will continue for the next couple of months. They are a great way to showcase your school and require a bit of planning to make the most out of the day. The main question is 'how do you manage your …Read more

Published: 23 Feb 2021

Utilising the power of scholarship application forms online

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of Term 4? What a year we’ve all experienced. I’m not sure about you but I’m really looking forward to the Christmas break where we can turn off our screens for a few weeks (well kinda) and spend some time at the beach …Read more

Published: 11 Jan 2021

Our Favourite Time-Saving EnrolHQ Features

Allow parents to book a private tour time based on staff availabilityCustomise the Offer of Place fee before you Make an Offer - not everyone pays the standard fee.Allow Parent 2 to digitally sign a form, even if they are living somewhere else at the time - perfect for those …Read more

Published: 01 Aug 2020

EnrolHQ April 2020 release is about time saving features and navigation

The school holidays are coming to a close and we’re excited to be heading into Term 2.We see a lot of enrolment stats at EnrolHQ and have noticed that enrolments enquiries and expressions of interest are considerably down across all schools. However, you should not worry as everyone's in the …Read more

Published: 24 Apr 2020

Communications Log

“How do I know what automated emails the family has received from the system so I don’t double up on the same communications?” - another top question we receive from Enrolment Registrars.You know, the goal for EnrolHQ is to completely replace the future students module in your Student Management System. …Read more

Published: 22 Jun 2019

New Filters To Help Registrars Chase Up Open Offers of Enrolment

“‘How do I know which families to follow up with?” - this is one of the most common questions I always get asked by registrars. Especially when you’re up to 80% of your enrolment offer accepted target and you need to chase that last 20% one family at a time. …Read more

Published: 05 Jun 2019

Always Know Who Your Primary Point Of Contact Is With a Family

One of the challenges we’ve had is that parents have forgotten whose (was it “dad’s” or “mum’s”?) email address they’ve used to fill in an enrolment form or expression of interest for their child.However, “mum” would fill in their spouses (“dad”) details as “Parent 1” leading to the father being …Read more

Published: 14 May 2019

View Your Attendee List (Per Event) and Export It to Excel

This new feature focuses on School Tours and Open Days. We know that a big part of School Marketing and an Enrolment Registrars job is to make sure these events run as smoothly as possible and give the best impression for your school.While I know you make every endeavour to …Read more

Published: 09 May 2019

How to use the Grade - Year Settings Page to restrict enrolments

Did you know you are able to set the calendar years and grade/year of entry that parents can select at the beginning of filling an enrolment form or an expression-of-interest form.The big win from this feature is to stop parents from submitting enrolment forms for years that are already full …Read more

Published: 17 Apr 2019

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