These are normally dry reads about what's inside the most recent releases. :) But they can be useful if you want to find out if your feature request has made it into a recent release.

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EnrolHQ is a certified TASS integration partner

At TASSCon2023, it was announced that EnrolHQ was the newest certified integrations partner to join TASS, a popular school management system in Australia.TASS API Certification validates and verifies the Integration Points for each developed API, ensuring a stable and reliable solution is being delivered to our mutual customers.The certification process …Read more

Published: 04 Aug 2023

Over 26 Time Saving Features Deployed Last Term

Hello there! It's time to take a closer look at the series of updates that have been rolled out in the past 90 days.From helpful additions to valuable improvements, let's flesh out the changelog and explore the many system updates that have occurred. Let's get cracking!11 July 2023:A new event …Read more

Published: 11 Jul 2023

Split payments to help ease the fee collection process

Using the EnrolHQ Split Payments feature is easy. Follow these steps:1. Select the new % yellow button to choose the split amount2. Use our slider to determine the split the amount between Parent 1 and Parent 2.3. Click split to confirm the payment structure.4. You can further adjust / add …Read more

Published: 06 Apr 2023

Status Conversion Report

Registrars’ and school staff can use this report to understand how students move through their statuses. It will also show how many students a school needs in each status to fill an enrolment quota. Staff can view and compare conversion rates through the enrolment process to either benchmark or simply …Read more

Published: 03 Mar 2023

14 Brand New EnrolHQ Features to kick off 2023

Without any more waffle, here are the 14 features launched in January 2023 from our EnrolHQ team aimed at simplifying the parent journey and making your life as an enrolment team easier.New setting for a custom header and footer for each individual email template under Advanced Settings - that means …Read more

Published: 31 Jan 2023

New updates and improvements based on your feedback (34 enhancements and new features listed below)

EnrolHQ has an open changelog where all changes and system updates are made public. This is a great way for schools to keep up-to-date with all the new improvements and features as they are released. In the last few months, we've released another 34 updates to help our users get …Read more

Published: 27 Jun 2022

42 recent EnrolHQ upgrades

Here's a list of goodies we released recently after my 67 upgrades post which you can read here. I apologise in advance if any of these have been mentioned in my earlier post. I have tried to include only new updates in this one but some of the old dev …Read more

Published: 23 Jun 2021

67 features our team has rolled out in the last 6 months

Below is a list of some of the notable features and a couple of bug fixes we implemented over the last few months. I hope that most of these will make sense to our users, since as you guys know, our product goes deeeep! :)You'll also get some insights into …Read more

Published: 06 May 2021

A few EnrolHQ updates to kick off Term 3!

G'day all. As promised, I'd post system updates more often because we now have the bandwidth to work on all those little things that make your life easier. Here's a few for the start of this week!Registration (Family Group) Limit at School EventsGiven the fast changing nature of social distancing …Read more

Published: 21 Jul 2020

Dashboard Updates, More Reports and Fancy New PDF Forms

Why do we keep improving EnrolHQ all the time? It's because sometimes, you release a new feature and a School Registrar sees it inside their EnrolHQ staff dashboard and writes you the following email:Hi Eddy,Wow, we have a new print version of the Application for Enrolment which is looking great. …Read more

Published: 25 Oct 2019

New Features Released in August '19

Woohoo! Better late than never. My regular monthly system update is a couple of days late because we were at the EducatePlus NSW Conference earlier this week. It was our first time as sponsors and we had an absolute blast! We had a great time seeing all of our current …Read more

Published: 04 Sep 2019

New Features Released in July '19

At EnrolHQ we’re always busy figuring out new ways to help schools admissions teams succeed.Here’s some of the features we rolled out in July.Full School Interviews Workflow, read more here.Parents Registration Page for School ExposPhoto and Video Publishing Consent Withdrawal for families in the Parent Dashboard (more on this next …Read more

Published: 03 Aug 2019

New Features Released in June '19

It’s been another exciting month at EnrolHQ. Happy "Last Day of Term" for those of you in NSW who actually get time off during term breaks. I hope your desk doesn’t currently look like the one above with a pile of paper applications sitting on top - it’s a real …Read more

Published: 28 Jun 2019

New Features Released in May ‘19

May is traditionally a big month for us as it's when our Managing Director, Mark Barrett and the team speak at our School Marketing Masterclass at Darling Harbour. It's always great to see all of you in the room soaking up the trends for 2019, taking concrete advice for how …Read more

Published: 27 May 2019

New Features Released in April ‘19

We look after the finance team this month by giving them their own exportable detailed transaction report. We know reconciling can be the absolute pits when you don't have all the information at hand. The devs at EnrolHQ hit this report out of the park! See what else they have …Read more

Published: 29 Apr 2019

March 2019 Updates

We call March the start of 'duck season'. If you are going to get some leads and applications, most of them will happen between March - June. These 3 months are when we typically see the most enrolment action happen for the year. It's the time to really use the …Read more

Published: 25 Mar 2019

March 2019 Updates

We call March the start of 'duck season'. If you are going to get some leads and applications, most of them will happen between March - June. These 3 months are when we typically see the most enrolment action happen for the year. It's the time to really use the …Read more

Published: 25 Mar 2019

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