Getting your online enrolments system ready for 2024

As we usher in the new year, it's crucial to ensure that your enrolment processes are up to date. Most of these are EnrolHQ centric but there's also some general advice in there.

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To help you kickstart the enrolment season for 2024, we've compiled a checklist of essential tasks using EnrolHQ. Here are 7 helpful reminders our Team recommend:

1. Roll up waitlists using the Bulk Action tool.

Efficiency is key when managing enrolments. Utilise the EnrolHQ Bulk Action tool to seamlessly roll up your waitlists.

The Roll Up feature is very useful when a new school year begins. For example, if a group of waitlisted students are currently in Year 7, 2023 and they need to move to Year 8, 2024. The rollup function allows staff to make that change with just a couple of clicks.

In contrast, the Roll Down function is applicable if a school needs to move a group of students back down a year.

Both Roll Up and Roll Down can be used as bulk actions by selecting multiple profiles at once and then navigating to Bulk Actions > Roll Up or Roll Down. Of course, all changes are logged in our Audit Log for full transparency.

2. Review email templates in case they are out of date.

Use the quiet time in January to take a moment to review all your email templates. Ensure that they are not only up to date but also reflect any new 2024 information you need to convey to your prospective students and their families.
Take a look at some great Support Artilces here:

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3. Update your Parent Dashboard, Tours and Downloads.

Make sure you check all your Parent dashboard announcements as they may have old information in them (eg 2023 dates).

Also, now is the time to upload your scheduled tours for the year and any PDF documents you have gated using our lead generation tool. If you fees have changed, this is the time to update those as well.

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4. Disable any staff users that have left your school and make sure you have turned on SSO.

Disable any staff users who have left to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to EnrolHQ - this is under User Management > Users. This step contributes to a secure enrolment process. Disabling a person just restricts their future access, it does not remove any of their audit log or notes.

If you are not yet utilising our SSO feature to login to EnrolHQ, now would be a good time to turn this on. Get your IT Team to reach out to us.

5. Review Custom Forms.

Review and update your custom forms to collect the 2024 information you require from applicants, making the enrolment process more tailored and efficient. You'll find that questions may need to be updated as you move into the new year.

6. Review the Open/Close Year Levels for your Enrolment/Scholarship Applications.

Stay in control of your enrolment process by carefully reviewing and adjusting the open/close settings for year levels. This ensures that applications are not received for year levels with oversubscribed or closed entry.

You can see these here Settings > Year of Entry Settings

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7. Send out your 'Intent to Proceed/Update Contact Details' Email with Custom Form.

Kick off the 2024 enrolment season by communicating with your applicants sitting at application stage or below. We recommend sending out an 'Intent to Proceed' email and prompt families to update their contact details and let you know if their circumstances have changes. This proactive approach gives you a more realistic number of potential applicants for future years.

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By following this setup guide, you'll set the stage for a successful enrolment season in 2024. Remember, a well-organised and efficient enrolment process not only benefits your school but also ensures a positive experience for your prospective students and their families.

Wishing you a smooth and successful enrolment season ahead!

Published: 08 Jan 2024

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