Migrating to EnrolHQ

Many schools that now use EnrolHQ once used another CRM or online system to run their enrolments. You may be thinking “Why should our school change?”

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In this short blog post, we highlight some of the main reasons schools choose EnrolHQ.

The most comprehensive admissions toolkit in Edutech

EnrolHQ has hundreds of features (many unique) that when combined, give your Admissions team the ability to keep all actions, tasks and information in one complete workflow.

We use the analogy of a train to explain that your future parents get on the EnrolHQ train and move along the carriages. Moving your parents off the train to conduct a particular task or send in some specific documentation, is no longer required.

By holding all the parents with their enrolment data on the EnrolHQ train, the whole journey is more secure and reporting is simplified.

Some features of the EnrolHQ toolkit which you may not have in your CRM include:

  • Alternate Year of Entry where you can set a couple of entry points for the profile
  • Opening and Closing Grades of Entry per Calendar Year of Entry and Campus
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS to record RSVPs and send reminders
  • HTML Email creation with all system fields and student profile tags available as merge tags
  • The ability to Reset and Re-Open Forms (for changes of mind or re-enrolment)
  • The ability to customise Student Profile Tags to personalise the applicants journey
  • Custom Form creation based on 200+ System Fields, allowing you to re-present already supplied information without the parent needing to re-enter.
  • No additional overage costs.... everything in our system (apart from SMS credits and phone rental) is included in the license cost.
  • Ability for staff to create unlimited custom forms to collect or re-confirm information along the journey.
  • Bulk Actions are available for most tasks like requesting documents, booking interviews, rolling up students, assigning profile tags, booking into events and changing status.
  • A solid data retention policy that allows you to set your rules around hard deleting sensitive data from the system.
  • Flags for reviewing your applicants that link to staff workflows for optimising communications internally
  • Ability to style all forms to your specific Brand guidelines. Fonts, colours and logos are added to your forms to allow for seamless integration.

New innovative features released every couple of days

Our product leadership team, as well as our frontline support are in daily communication with our developers. This ensures that features that clients need are prioritised and deployed as quickly as possible. We invite you to view our changelog to see how the system updates each week.


An exceptional parent experience

One feature that gives EnrolHQ a major edge is our Parent Dashboard.

Over the past 6 years, this login area for parents has grown into a hub for all things admissions. Parents track the journey of all their children in one login. They can book and cancel events, read targeted information or watch videos, complete outstanding forms and make payments. They also have a secure way to download their completed forms, find out where they sit on the enrolment journey and update their contact details.

Account creation for parents reduces duplicate profiles

There is much talk about duplicate profiles and the frustration they present when trying to report accurately. Duplicates also take considerable time to manage as reconciling into just one record is not normally a simple task.

By offering account creation and warnings to parents about their profiles on record, we can eliminate most duplicate profiles before they are created by parents.

A support team that quickly responds

95% of support cases are responded to with an acknowledgement or answer within 2 business hours. To help schools, we offer a ticketing system, a complete online knowledgebase, video library and if that’s not enough, you can book in a Zoom call with one of our team at any time.

At EnrolHQ, we have 5 full-time staff that support our EnrolHQ clients after go-live.

All data and documents available on our API for SIS integrations

API is the acronym for application programming interface — a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. APIs are an accessible way to extract and share data within a school and between systems. Giving you access to ALL data and documents via our API gives a school complete control over their data and means that we will never block an integration from moving forward. This also means we can offer powerful SIS integrations.

Migration is quick and easy

After onboarding hundreds of schools, we have a well documented and tested workflow for migrating data and forms to EnrolHQ. If you would like to learn more, you can always reach out for a no-obligation chat.

There you have it - some of the key reasons schools migrate to EnrolHQ.

Published: 30 Mar 2024

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