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Since our public launch in 2018, hundreds of thousands of enrolment forms have passed through EnrolHQ. As we look to the future, we've summarised the main reasons why schools choose EnrolHQ as their all-in-one online admissions system.

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Not just another online application form with a simple CRM bolted on...

Rather, EnrolHQ handles the whole enrolment journey from an initial enquiry or tour booking through to accepting an offer and all the onboarding forms. It even prepares the data for the movement into a School Management System.

We use the analogy of a train to describe the power of EnrolHQ because we’ve found that in a typical school, the enrolment process is usually made up of many tools and supported by various different ‘vehicles’. These include spreadsheets, website forms, paper forms and letters in the post.

It is hard and time consuming to manage all the data as parents move from one ‘vehicle’ to the next. In comparison, getting on the EnrolHQ train is simple. All parents stay on the train and remain with their data for the whole trip. If they get off, or get stuck, we know exactly what to do. This means a superior experience for parents and a higher conversion rate for schools.

Simplify Forms

EnrolHQ uses system fields to create all the forms that capture your parent data–there are over 100 systems fields.

All of our clients use these same system fields to run their forms. Of course, you can re-label, turn them on or off, add help text, or make these system fields mandatory, but the fundamental principal of system fields ensures that our system is easy to administer, quick to setup and our platform is robust, especially as we sync so much data to your school management system on your behalf.

What does this mean for me?

At any time, you can login and create your own forms or change existing forms and are not reliant on EnrolHQ staff.

Simplify Support

Fantastic features to allow you to support your parents in their enrolment journey.

Parents love their customised dashboard where all their outstanding tasks and any important information is held. If you allow them to, parents can login and update their contact details, make a payment, set photo permissions or book an interview.

You can login as any parent in your database and take control of their dashboard. This allows you to troubleshoot and help your parents complete any outstanding tasks.

What does this mean for me?

Email and phone support is drastically reduced and parents complete outstanding tasks quicker.

Simplify Communications

If you are looking to communicate with your parents, EnrolHQ offers:

  • Email, Automated Emails and Bulk Emails
  • SMS, Automated SMS and Bulk SMS (Outgoing and incoming)
  • Parent Dashboard announcements, videos and downloads based on applicants’ status, campus, year and grade of entry.
  • Activities Tracker and Notes to record adhoc events, important information and set tasks against a parent.
  • A dedicated comms log of all sent emails and SMS to keep all correspondence in one place.

What does this mean for me?

By combining all communication, you not only communicate more effectively with parents but increase conversions.

EnrolHQ simplifies your admin processes and removes the complexity around outstanding parent tasks.

Simplify Workflows

EnrolHQ allows you to manage the whole enrolment journey in the one admin dashboard.
Our workflow toolkit includes:

  • Collect split signatures from separated parents
  • Re-open a form if an applicant re-enrols
  • QR code self check-in and registration to events
  • Request follow-up documentation
  • Tag and Group Applicants
  • Review and Rank Applicants
  • Allow for multiple bookings (Interviews, Taster Days, Parent Info Evenings etc)
  • Collect all onboarding forms and permissions
  • Link payments directly to your bank for easy reconciliation

What does this mean for me?

Process optimisation is where EnrolHQ really shines. We save literally hundreds of hours for enrolment staff through our comprehensive workflow solutions.

Simplify Marketing

Our marketing toolkit is powerful and includes such things as:

  • Embeddable lead forms to request a prospectus
  • Embeddable Fee Calculator
  • Trade Show Stand Form for iPad Sign-ups
  • Embeddable Enquiry Form
  • Automated drip feed Marketing Email Campaigns to nudge people to the next stage of their journey
  • Manage SMS Opt-outs and Email Unsubscribes
  • Collect partial leads (eg only mobile phone or email address)
  • Messaging templates to help you get started

What does this mean for me?

We get more parents on your enrolment train. We create an exceptional parent experience and increase your conversion rate.

Simplify Reporting

We’ve got you covered with the following reports:

  • Intelligence Reports
  • Conversion Report
  • Predictor Report
  • Financial Report
  • Messaging and Comments Reports
  • Geo-mapping and Marketing Reports
  • Live feed for real-time reporting

What does this mean for me?

Marketing and executive reports can be created on-the-spot with the latest real-time information. Filters allow you to drill down and make informed decisions.

Simplify Data Sync

EnrolHQ can synchronise collected parent data with the following School Management Systems.

  • Synergetic
  • Edumate
  • TASS
  • PC School
  • SchoolEdge
  • Engage
  • Sentral
  • SchoolPro
  • and many others...

What does this mean for me?

Depending on your specific setup, a lot (in some cases all) of manual data entry can be eliminated. This gives you more time to spend on those parents that need it.

What next?

If you’re interested in getting your parents on the EnrolHQ train, please get in touch with our helpful team so we can organise a demo and discuss your particular requirements.

You can join a weekly webinar, give us a call or submit a contact form.

Published: 30 May 2022

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