EnrolHQ is an all-in-one Online Enrolment System built for Australian schools. It's a powerful tool for school marketing and enrolments teams to engage with future parents and guide them through their enrolment journey.

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A train analogy is used to highlight the features of the EnrolHQ solution.

In a typical school, the enrolment process is made up of many tools and supported by various different 'vehicles' (e.g spreadsheets, web forms, paper forms, letters). It is hard to manage the data and process as parents move from one 'vehicle' to the next.

In comparison, getting on the EnrolHQ train is simple. All parents stay on the train and remain with their data for the whole trip. If they get off, or get stuck, we know exactly what to do.

There are four carriages to the EnrolHQ train.

A parent will start at the back – what we call the ‘discovery carriage’. This is where parents request a prospectus, ask a question or visit the school. Using our admin toolbox, a registrar will prompt parents to move along to the next carriage (Enrolment) and submit an Expression of Interest form or full Enrolment Application. At this point, we also normally collect payment. The third carriage (Acceptance) is where the review, interview, offer and all-important acceptance by one or both parents is made. Finally, the business intelligence carriage (Reports and Export) handles reporting, forecasting, full data export via API and integrations to other School Management Systems.

1. Discovery

Parents can submit either an Enrolment Enquiry or Tour Booking through three forms on the website.

Enrolment Enquiry

  • On submission, emails are sent to both the Parent and Admin Staff.
  • The enquiry is answered though the Dashboard and correspondence / notes are logged against the Parent in the CRM.

Book a Tour

  • Staff Admin loads available Tours into the dashboard
  • Emails are sent to both Parent and Staff on when parents submit an event booking.
  • Staff send email reminders through the Dashboard 2 days prior to the event to remind parents to attend.
  • Staff use an iPad or phone to check-in attendees and write notes for follow up.
  • A kiosk link is available for people to register attendance on the day.
    Staff email all those that attended with a thank you email through the Dashboard and invite to Application stage (if applicable)
  • Staff bulk email all Parents that did not attend an invitation to book into the next tour.

Register Your Interest

  • Light-weight form specifically designed for School Expos.
  • This form does not require a login and only asks for the bare minimum information to create an enquiry in the CRM.
  • The Enquiry Parent and Staff Autoresponders are used on submission.
  • The form returns to the start after submission ready for the next parent to complete.

2. Enrolment

There are 2 options at the Enrolment Phase; the standard Enrolment Application Form and an optional Expression of Interest Form.

Expression of Interest

  • Parent completes EOI form (if Enrolment > 2 years out) and makes payment.
  • Receipt is automatically emailed for the payment.
  • Acknowledgment email is triggered by Staff on receipt.
  • NB: This form is an optional step. Many schools just use the full enrolment form and skip this EOI stage.


  • Parent completes Application form and makes payment.
  • Receipt is automatically emailed for the payment.
  • EOI Parents. that are already in EnrolHQ are sent an email inviting them to enrol at 2 years out and have their fee waived.
  • Enrolment Team check the Application and request more information or new copies of documents as required.
  • Parent is prompted to return to the Parent Dashboard to complete their application or upload missing documents.

3. Acceptance


  • Interview Permission is assigned to an Interviewer and available slots loaded.
  • An email is sent asking Parents to book in to an available time.
  • Principal reviews the Application (also available as 1 page PDF) and Interviewer conducts Interview.
  • Interview Notes are added to the student file through the system or a scan of notes is uploaded.


  • Offer of Place is emailed by Admin (in bulk or individually).
  • Parent 1 and Parent 2 Accept Place and pay Acceptance Fee (Admin can determine amount and if extension is given - otherwise default settings will be used).
  • Receipt is automatically emailed to the payment.
  • Admin run reports to follow-up with Parents who have yet to accept place.
  • Bundled PDF and Application data is prepared for transfer.

4. Reports and Export


  • Parents have accepted a place but are still waiting for their child to commence.
  • Enrolments Staff can still add notes and allow parents to update their contact details through the Parent Dashboard.
  • Orientation Event Invitations can be emailed to Parents.


  • Prior to commencing, Students are moved to the School Management System.

Sub-sections of this document:

Events - School Tours and Open Days

Tours, Open Days and other Enrolment Events are easily tracked through EnrolHQ.


The future students’ CRM is the heart of EnrolHQ. Every single form that’s filled out by a prospective parent whether it be ‘Register Your Interest’, ‘Enquiry’, ‘Event Booking’ or ‘Enrolment Form’ will create or update a future student profile in your CRM. This section shows you how to search for, filter student profiles and work with them in bulk.

Student Profiles

This section details how to work with an individual Student Profile. Every family that enters in a child with a DOB, Year of Entry and Calendar Year of entry automatically creates an EnrolHQ Student Profile and this record is added to and updated as the family progresses from enquiry to orientation.

Enrolment Tab (inside Student Profiles)

The tab that the admissions team will be spending most of their time in on a Student Profile will generally be the ‘Enrolment’ Tab. This tab contains the enrolment progress and all the controls that the admissions team will use to Make an Offer, Review Documents and much more.

Email Settings and Sending Bulk Emails

EnrolHQ comes with powerful bulk email sending tools and automated email/notifications built-in. By using the CRM filters to look for families in a particular year group and entering in a calendar year, you can send targeted and personalised messages in bulk to move parents along the ‘carriages’ of your EnrolHQ train from the ‘Discovery’ carriage to the ‘Enrolment Carriage’.


EnrolHQ comes built-in with an Interview system to enable you to assign future students to interviewers and let the parents book the interviews based on the interviewers’ availabilities. Once you have set up all the interviewers’ availabilities and assigned students profiles to them, you can bulk email parents to tell them to log in to their parent dashboards and they will have an ‘Outstanding Task’ to ‘Book An Interview’.

Reports and Review Screens

EnrolHQ collects all your data in one place, so it makes comprehensive reporting very easy. From Enrolment Funnels to detailed Financial Transaction Reports, we've got you covered.


EnrolHQ has a comprehensive suite of settings to let you customise it to work with your schools processes and match your schools branding/look and feel.

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