Reports and Review Screens

EnrolHQ collects all your data in one place, so it makes comprehensive reporting very easy. From Enrolment Funnels to detailed Financial Transaction Reports, we've got you covered.

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EnrolHQ has some reports and review screens to provide handy views for:

  1. The Finance team to reconcile transactions
  2. For the admissions team to quickly figure out which applications need follow-up
  3. For the principal and leadership team to prioritise, review enrolments and approve
  4. For the admissions team to see recent comments left (by other team members or themselves)


Users with the role of ‘Finance’, will have access to the Transactions screen and the main Dashboard when the log into EnrolHQ. To go to the transactions, click on Reports → Transactions. This will provide a table view of the most recent transactions that have been made in EnrolHQ.

For each transaction, the date and time will be listed, amount, status, invoice number (created by EnrolHQ), transaction number (created by your Bank), reference ID, followed by parents details and student profile details to give you all the information you need to reconcile against your bank account and enter the transaction into the Student Information System.

There is an Export button in the top right corner which will allow you to export all the transactions to CSV format so you can view it in Excel and use Excel tools to do reconciliations against exported bank transactions.

Enrolment Review

This is the table view where all the applications for enrolment end-up when they’re submitted by parents. The admissions will use this review screen to see which applications need to be reviewed.

As the admissions team reviews each application to see if there are any issues with the form answers, documents uploaded and whether the student has any inclusive learning, medical or the family has any court orders, the different columns will be filled with ticks/crosses or highlighted to indicate that follow-up is required.

You will also need to review the application answers for things like siblings and relatives who are ex-students to reconcile with school records to make sure the answers provided by the parents are true and correct.

Once the admissions team is satisfied that the enrolment application is correct from a clerical and financial point of view, they can click on ‘Pass’ in this screen to move it on to Principal’s Review.

Principal’s Review

When the enrolment application has passed ‘Enrolment Review’ it moves on to this screen called ‘Principal’s Review’ - these are the applications the principal/school leadership team needs to review and give approval to before an enrolment offer can be made.

The Principal will have controls to Add a Comment to the Enrolment Application, Download the Enrolment Application as a PDF (for Review), and Approve/Decline the application.

They can also assign the student profile to an interviewer <<detailed in Interview Section>> to interview the student and write notes before deciding to ‘Pass’ the student Profile

When the student profile has ‘Passed’ Principal’s Review, then it will be up to the Admissions team to make the offer of enrolment from the Enrolment Tab.


This is a view to see all the recent comments left against student profiles. When Admissions teams are using the CRM capabilities of EnrolHQ to its full potential and leaving notes against each profile then it becomes useful to see the recent comments left. This gives a shortcut to the recent records you have been working with and by looking at the most recent note, you can figure out if there’s any actions you need to take with that particular family.