EnrolHQ has a comprehensive suite of settings to let you customise it to work with your schools processes and match your schools branding/look and feel.

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School Details

Go to Settings → School Details to update any details about your school

School Settings

This is where you can set your school name, whether your school accepts single-sex or both genders and contact details for your admissions team. These fields are where EnrolHQ will store the phone numbers/email addresses for putting on the Enrolment Form, Email Notifications.

Of particular note is “Parents' BCC Email’ field - this email address is where all emails that are sent to parents will be BCC’d to. Some School IT teams want to keep a full record of every email that is sent to parents so they will set up special email inbox to receive a BCC of these emails that can be searched later.

Also note the ‘Timezone’ - to find your schools timezone you type ‘Australia/’ followed by the city your school is located in. It’s important to get the timezones correct so that reminders are sent out at the correct times and the date/time that forms are submitted, offers are accepted are all recorded correctly for parents and the school

Payment Gateway

EnrolHQ will integrate with CommBank BPay, Westpac Payway (which includes St George and BankSA), NAB Direct POST as part of the standard system. To get the credit card payments setup, please ask your Finance team to contact the bank to get any Usernames/Passwords, API Keys and Merchant Numbers required for the credit card facility your school will use. Then you will need to input these into the system and test with a $1 credit card payment.

School Setting - EnrolHQ

School Settings 2 - EnrolHQ

Grade - Year Settings

Grade Year Settings - EnrolHQ


Customization - EnrolHQ

Customisation - EnrolHQ

Form Fields

Form Fields - EnrolHQ

Form Fields - EnrolHQ

Custom Scripts

EnrolHQ gives you the ability to add your own CSS and javascript snipperts.

CSS - EnrolHQ

If you want to add styles only for specific page then use one of the following selectors in your rules:

Enrolment: #enrol-enrolment
Expression of interest: #enrol-eoi
Event(s): #enrol-event
Enquiry: #enrol-enquiry
Register interest: #register-interest

Javascript - EnrolHQ

Specific functions are called on specific page only, enrolHQInitAlways is called on all pages.

Enrolment: function enrolHQInitEnrolment()
Expression of interest: function enrolHQInitEOI()
All event pages: function enrolHQInitEvent()
Event list: function enrolHQInitEventList()
Event details: function enrolHQInitEventDetails()
Booking configrmation page: function enrolHQOnBookingConfirmation()
Enquiry: function enrolHQInitEnquiry()
Register your interest page: function enrolHQInitRegisterInterest()

Setting up custom CSS and javascript should be a task handled by experienced developers only. For help, please email


Locations - EnrolHQ

Locations - EnrolHQ