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Although it's just a small part of the student's enrolment journey, the data push to your school management system is an important one. We understand that the SIS world is plagued by a lack of data interfaces and archaic data exchange protocols... but where there's a will, there is a way. Read how we integrate with Sentral, Edumate, Synergetic, Engage, TASS, SchoolEdge, SAS2000, SchoolPro and others below.

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At the end of the enrolment process is your school management system (SIS)

Once the parent has gone all the way to the end, from that first enquiry, to expression of interest, interviews, offer of place and acceptance, their data will be ready to be pushed to your school's management system. Our mission has always been to make this process as easy as possible and with a single click of a button. If your school is using a modern school management system with a good API (Sentral Enterprise comes to mind) , this process should be a breeze and a school registrar can simply click a button and be done with it. We have listed some of our integrations below with details about each.



Even though Edumate lacks an API, we have many customers who use Edumate. Our developers have found a way to push all the data collected on EnrolHQ to Edumate including the important registrar notes and comms log. The Edumate integration is a single click data push.

On our side, we also store the unique identifiers from Edumate which allows you to easily find records and cross match the information we collect. Reach out to us to if you're an Edumate school to find out how you can push your enrolment data to it right now.


Our Sentral integration is with Sentral Enterprise (cloud based solution). We are not integrated with the on-premise Sentral as it doesn't have the API or the import functionality for admissions. If that changes in the future we'll certainly integrate with it. However, Sentral Enterprise has an extensive API for admissions and allows us to push data across with a single click. It's a modern school management system our developers enjoy working with.

Read more about our Sentral integration here.



Our integration with Synergetic is gone beyond an XML export -> import integration. In our original Synergetic integration, the school registrar would have to Export an XML file and then import it into Synergetic. This was fine to get the data across but there was no document sync and we couldn't get all the data across that schools requested. Our dev team loves a good challenge, so when we onboarded our 20th Synergetic school back in 2021, they decided to go beyond XML import. We implemented what we call a "deep sync" with Synergetic, which goes way beyond the original integration. We even push documents to Synergetic's Docman, which then end up being stored inside your Synergetic. Please get in touch if you wish to find out more.


Now here's a SIS with an extensive admissions API. Our integration with Engage is a one click data push via their API. Reach out to us to find out which data we sync across and how this can work for your school.



We're integrated with Queensland's most popular school management systems, The Alpha School System, better know as TASS. TASS is one of the rare school management systems in Australia, with an open and well documented API anyone can use. You can read more about TASS and EnrolHQ integration here.

My school management system is not listed here. What do I do?

Don't worry. We can take a look at your school management system and see if it has an API for admissions and if it does we can integrate with it. Over the years we've integrated pretty much everything with everything else. And even if it doesn't allow integrations at this time, you can still collect your enquiries, run your school tours, conduct interviews and collect enrolments, while we're coding an answer to your integration. Our team can pump these out in 4 weeks while still pushing out our standard product improvements.

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