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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the EnrolHQ Team (and 79 things we've released in the second half of 2021)

Plus there's a pressie in there for you which we are announcing today. Read on to find out what it is. At the bottom you'll find a list of some of the things we've released over the last several months.


Why schools need more than a generic CRM with an enrolment form

Adding an enrolment form to a CRM doesn't make it into an enrolment system. You can do it with Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce etc. You can even slap one onto your website and collect info into something which looks like a CRM. But a true online enrolment system is much more than that. Continue reading to find out why.

42 EnrolHQ upgrades June 2021

42 recent EnrolHQ upgrades

HG2G anyone? :) Anyway, our dev team delivers again. This time we've pumped out 42 upgrades. Some are small and some took weeks. The items below not sorted in any order. I just picked them up from the dev tickets and posted them here.

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