Support Policy

Our Process

  1. All support requests must be created by emailing or via login in our web-based support portal
  2. Responses will be sent through the support portal and users will receive email notifications as each request is updated. You can reply to these emails in order to add additional comments to the support ticket.
  3. A follow up phone call or real time collaboration via video conferencing will be requested by EnrolHQ staff to progress issues only if required. EnrolHQ staff use Zoom online meetings but can also use the customers' own video conferencing system if required.

Help us help you

For us to be able to respond to your support ticket as promptly as possible, please ensure that your ticket includes:

  • The URL of the page/application you are referring to
  • Your school's name (if URL not supplied)
  • Student full name (if applicable)
  • A detailed explanation of the issue. We often need to replicate the issue so the steps to replicate is what we need :)

We love screenshots!

Screenshots help us understand your problem and answer your question more accurately.

Taking a screenshot on Windows:

To capture your entire screen and automatically save the screenshot, tap the Windows key + Print Screen key. Your screen will briefly go dim to indicate that you've just taken a screenshot, and the screenshot will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

Taking a screenshot on Mac:

Simply hold Shift + Command and hit 4 on your keyboard.

Videos for very complex scenarios

Please feel free to describe your problem using a video where an issue is very complex and hard to describe in words.

Video for Windows users

Video for Mac users

Help yourself

Before submitting a case, please take a minute to search in our knowledge database, as many questions are answered there.

Our article database

Troubleshooting database

External Agencies

Our included monthly support is limited to direct clients. If you have a third party provider (eg ad agency, SEO / SEM agency, web developer) who is trying to setup campaigns, custom forms or analytics for their own campaigns they manage for you, we charge a support fee of $150(ex) per hour. A quote will be prepared for the client before any support is undertaken.

Additional Training for New Staff

We understand that staff change roles and new staff need to be re-trained in EnrolHQ. Sometimes there hasn't been a sufficient hand-over from the previous staff member.

Re-training is not included in our general support. To re-train a staff member (6 x 1 hour sessions) via Zoom, there is a once-off cost of $1045 (ex).

Data Imports after Go-Live

As part of the go-live process, EnrolHQ include the import of your future student database. If further imports are required after the first 1 month of going live, we charge an import fee. This is an hourly rate of $150 p.h. and will be quoted before completing the job.

On-site Training

At this stage, EnrolHQ don't offer on-site training. After onboarding hundreds of schools. we find Zoom screen sharing is a more effective teaching model. It also allows us to record the meetings for you to re-watch at your convenience.