41 Feature Updates Released

No fluff - just features. Here are 41 updates we rolled out over the past month to help out our Registrars' all across Australia.

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No fluff - just features. Here are 41 updates we rolled out over the past month to help our Registrars' all across Australia.

  1. Added a Trigger so that when docs are uploaded by parent, we can send a Staff Notification though our Automated emails tool.
  2. On Enquiries CRM view, we have made the rows turn green if the Enquiry has been marked as responded to. That makes it easy to see who needs to be responded to at the list view. Only on Enquiry View, does the blue (synced with SIS) override the green and show light purple (if responded). On all other screens, the sync status overrides the enquiry status to show our system is in sync with the school SIS.
  3. Student profiles that are EOI, Event, or Enquiry and synced to the SIS are coloured light purple instead of light green.
  4. We added a 'Private' checkbox to the Events setup page. If ticked, then the event is not listed on the /events/ URL. Users must go there by a direct URL. No logic is required to actually filter who registers via this form, if someone has the direct URL they can fill it in.
  5. Moved the 'Regular Attendance at Mass' question above the 'Parish Name' question. Logically speaking it makes sense to ask someone if they attend a church or not before asking which church.
  6. ELC (Early Learning Centre) Extra Questions - if Grade of Entry < Kindergarten then we show the relevant section with questions customisable by school. There have been subsequent changes to Student Profile (Enrolment) in Admin, API and Printed PDF Form (school can enable/disable + edit question preferences)
  7. Staff Logins - added 2 Factor Authentication with a 30 day expiry. Staff have to enter their mobile numbers, then if they login from a new device, we send a code to their mobile. We have included a checkbox to say 'Remember my device for 30 days' so they can keep logging in from same device without 2FA until the 30 day expiry
  8. Instead of displaying a 404 error for fully booked Events (if parents go there by clicking on a direct link), we show the event details but have a message underneath like "We apologise but this event is fully booked. Please <a href=/events>click here</a> to see other available events." We made this message editable in customisation settings and called it 'Event Fully Booked Message'.
  9. Added 'Attendee Limit Per Family' for Events. Limit includes Parent 1, Spouse + any extra attendees. So if Limit is 3, then only allow one extra attendee if Parent 1 + Spouse is attending. If only Parent 1 is attending, allow 2 extra attendees.
  10. Added New Field to School Entry Details called 'Campus' - some schools have multiple campuses but a single admissions office so they need to parents to fill in which campus they wish their child to go to.
  11. For our interview module, we have added a URL with an iCal Feed on the Availability page for Staff. Staff will copy this URL into their Outlook and it gives us a way to dynamically update their calendar when they add availabilities and when those availabilities are booked by parents
  12. We added a Confirmation Modal with date/time/location of interview with 'Are You Sure You Want To Book This Time [Yes / NO ]' for parent in their dashboard
  13. The 'View Letter' functionality in the Comms Log has been extended to all other emails that are sent out via our system.
  14. We allow school to turn off interview rescheduling by parents altogether
  15. We allow school to put threshold for rescheduling e.g allowed to reschedule up to 2 weeks before the scheduled interview date.
  16. School needs to be able to select whether they want it extra questions on/off for Grade of Entry. Before the logic was that the ELC questions are only shown if Grade of Entry < Kindergarten but some schools may want their ELC questions to apply to Kindergarten as well.
  17. For Offers Expired - we now allow a school to set a certain grace period (starting from 0 which is immediate) in days that parents can still accept. Once past Expiry + Grace Period then do not allow Acceptance in Parent Dashboard.
  18. We added Current School/Current Grade to Enquiry Form
  19. We used to have 'Parent 2 Not Applicable' checkbox so that parents can enrol with only one parents set of details. We changed this to a school setting as to whether they will allow this or not and also make school set the text 'Parent 2 Not Applicable because they are Deceased, Not In Contact' etc for the 'Not Applicable' reason
  20. On staff admin ‘add new contact’ we made parent mobile phone a mandatory field
  21. We added a floating 'Cancel' button for Enquiries and Event Bookings so people who are logged in can easily log out.
  22. We had a CSS change for the next steps in forms - we made all of them the same colour.
  23. Added School Connections and Parent as Ex Student Columns to standard CSV export from 'All' view
  24. If EOI is submitted for a certain grade, year of entry combination that is not available on 'Grade-Year' settings, if that EOI is Invited to do an Enrolment Form, we allow that student profile to keep 'Grade','Year of Entry' combination in Enrolment form (but we keep those fields disabled so parents cannot change them)
  25. Added a text field called 'Interviewer' to the Location e.g 'School Principal, Mrs Marie Smith'. Even though it is school admin staff using the system to book interviews and manage the calendar, it is the principal who conducts the interview and 99% of the time, they won't have a user account for EnrolHQ and will not use the system. Their PA will organise bookings. Interviewer must be rendered/printed wherever location is rendered/printed.
  26. We provided schools with a setting to remove the checkbox that allows parents to bypass parent 2 signature.
  27. On Register your Interest form, if a duplicate email is found we put the 'Register Your Interest' data in a separate area for processing later by the school.
  28. Allowed removing of Interview Availabilities if no-one has booked in to any of the slots yet (if booked in, then we have a button called 'View Bookings')
  29. Added a View Bookings button to show a modal window with Student Profile Fname, Lname, DOB, Year of Entry, Grade of Entry and time of interview. Student Profile is clickable to go to the profile
  30. Interviewer Name on Parent Dashboard screen will now pull from Interviewer associated with Location
  31. If Interview Booked then parent dashboard 'Book an Interview' button now says 'School Interview Booking Details'
  32. After Cancelling interview, the iCal feed now updates to reflect the change.
  33. When a Volunteer logs in to an event check-in page, we show the list of events as a scrollable list of full-width buttons with next event (start with all of "today's" events, don't take into account current time of day) at the top. The text of the button now shows event name, date/time. A click through goes to each event check-in page. We now have a 'header' bar on top to show who is logged in and provide a log out functionality. We also added 'Back to List' button in the individual event check-in pages.
  34. We enabled Staff to book a slot for a Student Profile from the Staff Admin side
  35. Make Profile --> Religion is now not permanent field for EOI and Enrolment. Some schools don't want to collect religion information at all for Student Profile.
  36. Campus now has a Grade of Entry range like Kindergarten to Year 6 or Year 7 to Year 12.
  37. Added Questionnaire to EOI form - same questions as Enrolment and sits below the Parent details section
  38. We made the header for EOI and Enrolment Forms Background colour an editable setting.
  39. We implemented solution for interviewer to view all their bookings.
  40. Added Export functionality to Enrolment Review and Principal Review views
  41. Added Interview PDF download button to Enrolment Review (was only showing on Principal Review)

Published: 13 Mar 2020

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