Split payments to help ease the fee collection process

Family structures are sometimes complex. In situations where your parents want to split the payment of enrolment acceptance fee, we now offer split payments.

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Using the EnrolHQ Split Payments feature is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Select the new % yellow button to choose the split amount


2. Use our slider to determine the split the amount between Parent 1 and Parent 2.


3. Click split to confirm the payment structure.


4. You can further adjust / add line items to each parent if you require by clicking the blue edit button against each parent.

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5. When a Reserved or Confirmed Offer of Place is sent through EnrolHQ, the payment step is automatically added / adjusted for each parent based on the settings you have applied.

6. After submission, EnrolHQ sends individual receipts to each Parent. As with all system emails, a copy of these are placed into the Comms Log for staff reference.

To help you, and for our follow-up automations, the Acceptance Workflow is not complete until both parents have signed and paid their respective acceptance fees. Offer - Open, Offer - Expired and Offer - Accepted are the 3 status' we use.

Published: 06 Apr 2023

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