Over 26 Time Saving Features Deployed Last Term

As a product-led company, we love to listen to our schools' and give them a stack of new updates each Term.

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Hello there! It's time to take a closer look at the series of updates that have been rolled out in the past 90 days.

From helpful additions to valuable improvements, let's flesh out the changelog and explore the many system updates that have occurred. Let's get cracking!

11 July 2023:

A new event block has been added to the parent dashboard, providing event information and allowing users to cancel events. This feature aims to enhance convenience and flexibility for parents managing their schedules.

A setting against each Event in your admin has been introduced to allow this new feature. Now, HQ staff have the option to enable or disable event cancellations as per their requirements.

10 July 2023:

Custom forms have been expanded to include student "personal details," "entry details," and "current school" fields. This enhancement allows for collecting more comprehensive information about students during the form submission process.

We also looked at our parent systems fields and now allow "personal details," "residential/mailing address," "contact details," "religion details," and "nationalities/residency details" to be added directly into your custom forms. This ensures that parents only have to type their answer once! A win for exceptional parent experience.

07 July 2023:

Two new email tags have been introduced: "Entry grade less than" and "Entry grade greater than." These inbuilt tags enable users to further personalise their email communications based on a students entry grade.

03 July 2023:

General Ledger (GL) codes can now be added via your Payment Settings, allowing for more streamlined financial management by assigning specific codes to transactions. These also appear in your Stripe dashboard and reports if you use that payment gateway.

26 June 2023:

For interview processes, the interview date and manual interview date have been included in the blank review PDF. This addition aims to provide a more comprehensive overview of interview details for efficient record-keeping.

23 June 2023:

The Parent Dashboard is now accessible to declined parents, ensuring continued access to information and resources, even if the parent initially declines an offer. You might want to try and win them back?

22 June 2023:

A new option has been introduced under School Details, allowing users to select a default nationality. This feature simplifies the data entry process by automatically prefilling the nationality field for new students. It is also part of our broader localisation settings as we have New Zealand schools in the fold.

"Is parent an ex-student" has been included in the general CSV export, providing comprehensive information about parents for analysis and reporting purposes.

Additionally, "is parent a current staff member" has also been added to the CSV export, allowing for better insights into the staff-parent relationships within EnrolHQ.

21 June 2023:

The mobile view on the parent dashboard interview booking has been improved, enhancing the user experience for those accessing the dashboard from their mobile devices.

16 June 2023:

The heading "Citizenship, Residency, and Visa details" can now be edited in customisation. This change allows users to modify the heading as per their specific requirements, offering greater flexibility in adapting your forms to your needs.

14 June 2023:

The page and filter settings on interviewers are now retained when adjusting availabilities. This improvement ensures a smoother experience for staff making adjustments as they won't lose where they were up to as they make edits.

13 June 2023:

To accommodate schools that utilise multiple interview types for the same interviewer, the interview type has been added to the interview tab. This feature allows for clearer identification and organisation of interview records.

09 June 2023:

Print labels for event attendees can now be filtered by sessions and individual families, enabling more precise label generation based on specific event attendance criteria.

08 June 2023:

A search field has been added to email templates, facilitating easier retrieval and selection of the desired email template for efficient communication.

30 May 2023:

The event attendee list can now be sorted by the "student" instead of the parent providing a more organised and convenient way to review and manage attendee information.

21 May 2023:

In the parent dashboard, a new message "email sent" has been included for parents sending offer acceptance to the second parent. This notification serves as a confirmation that the email has been successfully dispatched.

18 May 2023:

The Alumni years have been extended to include records dating back to 1900, accommodating a broader range of alumni history. Great grandma will be pleased!

16 May 2023:

The student code has been added to the CSV export, facilitating comprehensive data analysis and reporting by including a unique identifier for each student.

12 May 2023:

Automation can now be sent based on additional filters, including years of entry, calendar years of entry, attendance types, campuses, and student profile categories. This enhancement enables more targeted and personalised automated communication with various student groups.

04 May 2023:

A new date/time filter has been introduced for interviews booked, allowing users to efficiently manage and review interview schedules based on specific date and time parameters.

21 April 2023:

A lead form URL has been added to the settings, providing the option to host local lead forms and gather leads from various sources conveniently.

19 April 2023:

Password security has been tightened to enhance the overall system security and protect user accounts from unauthorised access. A parent can't just use test1234 as their password!

18 April 2023:

A new setting has been introduced, enabling users to set GST (Goods and Services Tax) by percentage. This feature offers greater flexibility in configuring tax settings according to specific requirements. Helpful for our NZ friends who charge 15% GST.

11 April 2023:

Split payments can now be processed at the Offer of Place, allowing for more convenient and flexible payment arrangements for parents. Ask both mum and dad for 50% of the payment if you desire.

4 April 2023:

Manual dates for Offer, Events, and Interviews have been implemented, providing users with the option to manually set specific dates for these activities as needed. This is handy when importing records and showing historical reporting.

Additionally, the reserved place offer and confirmed place offer PDFs now include additional information such as Gender, Attendance Type, Term of Entry, Grade of Entry, and Year of Entry, offering a more comprehensive view of the offer details.

What next?

That concludes our journey through our most recent updates. We hope this summary has been helpful. Stay tuned to our changelog and this blog as we post more exciting updates in the future.

Published: 11 Jul 2023

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