EnrolHQ is a certified TASS integration partner

In 2023, TASS certified and welcomed EnrolHQ as a integrations partner for online enrolments.

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At TASSCon2023, it was announced that EnrolHQ was the newest certified integrations partner to join TASS, a popular school management system in Australia.

TASS API Certification validates and verifies the Integration Points for each developed API, ensuring a stable and reliable solution is being delivered to our mutual customers.

The certification process has been designed to:

  1. Ensure that there is good understanding of the information and workflows in TASS
  2. Check that the TASS API is sending the correct information required by EnrolHQ
  3. Check that the receiving end of the API is able to consume TASS data, setups and various data scenarios.
UD Areas Sync in TASS

Sample screenshot of a UD Area with attachment mappings to map against.

TASS is dedicated to collaborating with online admissions companies like EnrolHQ in order to create integrations that provide parents with effortless online experiences and robust system compatibility. Through attaining certification as integration partners, EnrolHQ has proven to be able to deliver schools an enrolments integration solution that seamlessly synchronises data and documents into TASS.

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Common Questions

Where does the enrolment appear when we press Sync TASS?

The enrolment appears in TASS in the "Online Enrolment Applications" tab under Student Admin / Enrolments.

When can I sync an application to TASS?

With the introduction of the TASS update API feature, it is possible to sync multiple times to TASS when the EnrolHQ status changes after Application.

When can documents sync to TASS?

EnrolHQ can sync documents to the UD Area in TASS as long as the student is still in the Enrolments section in TASS.

After the enrolment has been processed in TASS, staff can go back to EnrolHQ and click the “Sync TASS” button again to sync new verified documents to TASS.

Otherwise, documents can be synced from an automatic hourly task EnrolHQ runs after the application has been synced and reviewed from the Online Enrolment Applications page in TASS.

Published: 04 Aug 2023

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