Focus on improving user experience by decreasing support time

EnrolHQ strives to have the best user experience and has released a new feature to make it easier for users to find answers without having to go through the support channel.

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EnrolHQ has released tooltips to make it easier for all users to access useful tips and knowledge articles directly from the admin interface.

Tooltips are placed around the system based on commonly asked questions and other support needs. Clicking on these small question marks will open a pop up window with access to related articles, descriptive images and step by step guides.

The goal is to help both new and experienced users to find answers quickly and effectively, without the need to contact support. We also hope that tooltips will help users of EnrolHQ to lean more on self-learning leaving the staff more room to focus on product improvement.

The tooltips and articles are constantly improved by our support and product teams and will be immediately worked on whenever the changes to UI are made or new features released. We hope our users will enjoy this feature.

Published: 07 Oct 2022

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