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Did you know that parents can still get on the EnrolHQ train even after already submitting a paper enrolment form?

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Sorry for the radio silence. It’s been heads down all the way through Term 2 at EnrolHQ as I’ve been busy helping the team with lots of new schools going live.

Every school who signs up with EnrolHQ gets 6 hours of 1-on-1 Zoom meetings. This is to provide in-depth training on all the features, set up everything ‘just-right’ and help make sure you have a smooth go-live. Our goal is to make sure your future parents have the best possible enrolment experience.

One of the topics I’ve been heavily focused on is sending out offers of enrolment and having parents accept these by signing electronically and paying online.

We’ve turned the process on its head to get faster results for Business Managers.

For a number of schools in recent weeks, we’ve imported the families' details for a desired entry year, say Kindergarten 2021, or Year 5, 2021 to make offers of acceptance. Even though these families submitted a paper form, the schools were able to send out electronic offers of enrolment using EnrolHQ and achieve IMMEDIATE results.

From our data analysis, we’ve got some simple tips that will optimise your process to help you score more acceptances faster. Here's two examples:

Tip 1: Making ‘Mum’ the Parent/Carer 1 and primary point of contact inside EnrolHQ so she receives the offer. Even though ‘Mum’ is Parent/Carer 1, our email templates are smart enough to still print ‘Dear Mr and Mrs Citizen’ on the offer. By making ‘Mum’ the recipient of the offer and the person responsible for driving it through to being accepted, you will get a faster turnaround.

Tip 2: Another tip is to send out offers on a Monday or a Tuesday afternoon. Our research shows that this also guarantees a faster turnaround. We also track email bounces and provide schools with a list of any parents who don’t receive their offers - an important consideration.

Imagine sending out offers at 12pm with single click and by 7pm on the same day receiving 20+ acceptances (signed PDF contracts with terms and conditions) along with $10k+ in the schools bank account. To make offers (the old way) using Australia Post and getting the finance team to process the returned payment slips would’ve taken a minimum of 2 weeks for the same result with a lot more leakage in the process.

This approach has been such a hit that we’re now encouraging new schools to adopt ‘Acceptances first’ in their go-live strategy. The ROI of EnrolHQ becomes instantaneous for the Business Manager and the Principal. As a Registrar, if you need to make an offer (for a mid year entry) you can simply key in the families details or import it and go directly to ‘Make Offer’ as a bulk action or for a single family. The future parents will then take it away from there working through the process themselves while you sit back and watch the acceptances come in to your inbox!

Published: 30 Jun 2020

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