New Features Released in April ‘19

Here's the major updates we made to EnrolHQ in April 2019.

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We look after the finance team this month by giving them their own exportable detailed transaction report. We know reconciling can be the absolute pits when you don't have all the information at hand. The devs at EnrolHQ hit this report out of the park!

See what else they have been working on:

  1. “Parents Alumni” and ”School Connections” sections added to Enrolment form so future family can specify whether parents, uncles/aunts, brothers/sister or grandparents were former students at the school
  2. Added Enrolment form logic for Passport/Visa/Baptism File Uploads whereby if family has permanent/temporary visa then they are obliged to upload documents. Same for families who state they are Catholic, they are obliged to upload Baptism certificates.
  3. Added a 'Does your Child Play A Sport' section to the Enrolment Form
  4. Enrolment form fields now have mandatory/not mandatory switch, enable/disable, customised help text and customised label changes where they are not core personal data or goverrnment data fields.
  5. Added an “Enrolment Review Report” with Pass/Not Passed controls, application prioritisation based on religion, siblings, expression-of-interest date and easy to download ‘PDF Bundles’.
  6. Extra Filters for CRM for Registrars
  7. Improved Main navigation menu on Left Hand side for Registrars
  8. Export to Excel for Recent Transactions (Excel format requested because all other finance applications export to excel and they do VLOOKUP to do the match)

Published: 29 Apr 2019

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