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As a school marketer your most burning question is 'How did the parents find out about our school?'. Read on to find out how we're using data collected to answer that question

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Dashboard Updates

School marketing teams always want to know: ‘How did you hear about our school?’. This question receives more scrutiny and fine-tuning by schools than any other field in all of EnrolHQs huge library of form fields. That’s because you want to know if the school bus wraps, the displays in the shopping centres, Facebook ad campaigns etc are a worthwhile spend of your budget and driving ROI.

Collecting "How did you hear about us?"


First we set about making sure the data collection for this question is happening correctly. We updated the EnrolHQ system, so that on any form, from ‘Register-Your-Interest’, through to ‘Event Booking’, then over to ‘Expression-of-Interest’ and then finally, the full ‘Enrolment Form’, the “How did you hear about us” question is always included as the last question.

If the parent has answered it once, like any other question in the system, we carry the answer across and pre-fill it if the parent comes to fill out another form. That way the original answer is kept. The parent may also select multiple rather than a single answer because they might have heard about your school from different places.

Executive Insight on your EnrolHQ dashboard

Now what do we do with all the data? It’s all stored in the CRM ready for export or transfer across to your integrated SIS. But we've also added a new Dashboard box called ‘How did you hear about us’ that responds to the Calendar Year, Year Level of Entry Filters AND also to the date range filters. Of course, it’s all self-reported data from the parents, but any data point is worth more than flying blind. You can now see where your advertising and marketing dollars need to go with this executive summary.

how did you hear about us - dashboard

Top Suburbs

Not only did we add the ‘How did you hear about us?’ to the EnrolHQ dashboard, we've also added a ‘Top Suburbs’ summary to complement the pins on the map. Schools were telling us the map was great but needed to pair up with rows of data so schools can see where their parents are coming from in a list format.

All of EnrolHQs forms collect the residential suburb and postcode at a minimum (for register-your-interest). As the future parent gets more invested as they move along their enrolment journey, EnrolHQ is able to ask for their residential address if they book a school tour or ask for a prospectus to be sent to them and collate this data on your dashboard.

Top Suburbs

This is just the beginning...

Stay tuned for a lot more to happen in this space. Now that we've covered the hard yards in collecting the data from future parents in such a way that we can slice and dice it easily, Q4 2019 is going to bring a lot more 'Advanced Business Insights' reporting in EnrolHQ.

Published: 19 Sep 2019

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