New Features Released in May ‘20

This month we have added some Acceptance of Place and Offer Reports, expanded our interview scheduler to help parents out and given our Registrar's even more tools to save them time.

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It’s been an interesting start to Term 2. I’ve been helping schools set up Live Streaming Tours, Virtual Tours, Zoom 1-1 Interview bookings – anything we can do to keep our clients stay connected with their prospective parents.

Some really exciting features have been rolled out in May. If you’ve got a few minutes, why not read on…

Two Brand New Reports

Our Acceptance of Place and Offer of Place reports allow you to benchmark against previous years and get a feel for future forecasting. This was a request by a few Business Managers and we were happy to assist. They are found under our Reports tab and like all our reports, can be filtered by Grade of Entry and Year of Entry, if you just want to look at Grade 7, 2022 for example.

Multiple Interview Types

Ok – so you probably know about the pre-enrolment interview functionality we offer. But what if you wanted to offer a 2nd interview or a 1-1 learning needs interview. Maybe an additional Boarding interview, Scholarship application interview or a Uniform Shop fitting?

The good news is you can now go crazy and assign as many different interviews to a parent as you like. Each contains its own workflow, reporting and triggers for email reminders. The parent has full control of booking, cancelling and rescheduling. All the features that schools love about our Enrolment Interview scheduler can now be used to move every appointment online. You now don’t have to use software such as TryBooking, SOBS, Calendly or the range of other ‘booking systems’ as EnrolHQ keeps sending the parent back to the same Dashboard and keeps the process for them simple and streamlined.

Our powerful CRM has an Interview Report View which shows you all attendees that have been assigned to an interviewer and interview category. This allows you to see at a glance who has booked and who needs to be followed up to book.

Export and CRM filtering upgrades

With all this extra love given to our Interviews module, we needed to add new filters and export fields so that clients can easily work with all this new data. Because we love our IT teams as well, we added these new fields to our extensive API.

We’d like to welcome all the new schools that have chosen EnrolHQ in the past few weeks. Your support and great feedback helps us to keep delivering these great new features every month.

Published: 15 May 2020

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