Our Favourite Time-Saving EnrolHQ Features

Saving time doing admin is one of the great features of the EnrolHQ CRM as bulk actions and a Registrar toolkit make big tasks small.

Header graphic showing feature
  1. Allow parents to book a private tour time based on staff availability
  2. Customise the Offer of Place fee before you Make an Offer - not everyone pays the standard fee.
  3. Allow Parent 2 to digitally sign a form, even if they are living somewhere else at the time - perfect for those parents that are separated or work overseas.
  4. Track the number of days since the parents have interacted with the school - showing you how engaged parents are at the time.
  5. Delete an Offer of Place and re-issue with a click in case parent changes their mind about their child’s start date.
  6. Applications and Onboarding Forms are printed and saved as a PDF - giving you a time-stamped version of the form at time of submission.
  7. Sync your data to your School Management System - saving you precious data entry time.
  8. Import data and start making offers and onboarding students - meaning you can start using the system for any part of the process.
  9. Allow multiple bookings at a time through the parent dashboard (Uniform Shop, Interview, Private Tour) so parent’s have an amazing experience.
  10. Look at your conversion funnel and chase your enquiries, either manually or automatically - lifting your conversion rate.

Published: 01 Aug 2020

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