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How dashboard improvements can help you target your marketing and advertising spend

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EnrolHQ Dashboard Business Intelligence with Map and top feeder Primary Schools

At EnrolHQ, we're not the 'online enrolment form company'. We're about building the best tools for helping school leadership teams to:

  1. Increase the amount of applications they receive
  2. Reduce the time from application to offer acceptance and,
  3. Increasing the % rate of offer acceptances

To ultimately make sure your schools student pipeline is full, every year.

We've added some new statistics to the school dashboard to give school leadership a birds eye view of what is happening with their future students. You can now see the top feeder primary schools for offer accepted students and you also have a map to show you where your future student pipeline is located.

Dashboard Map with Future Student Plotting

You can filter by status of student profile for instance (Enquiry/Event Bookings, Enrolments, Orientation (offers accepted). Filtering by students in 'Orientation' stage will help with bus route planning. It will help to see where the demographic shifts are for your students, especially if you lay some census data over the top to see how what the population of 0-4 year olds and 5-9 year olds is for particular suburbs.

Filtering by enquiry and event booking stage and combining this with 'Top Primary Schools' insights will show you where to focus your advertising efforts - which shopping centres, bus stops for printed ads. Which primary schools are important for doing very targeted campaigns 'High School Experience Days' or inviting primary students and parents to school musicals and productions.
Filtering by date and Enquiry/Event Bookings will give you great insights into how well your marketing campaigns are performing.

Published: 08 Jul 2019

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