EnrolHQ April 2020 release is about time saving features and navigation

We have decided that April 2020 will be about CRM navigation and time saving features. Getting to a student record has never been easier. Navigating around the dashboard, filtering, selecting multiple records, bringing up records you have worked on earlier with 2 clicks and bulk actions. It's all in this release!

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The school holidays are coming to a close and we’re excited to be heading into Term 2.

We see a lot of enrolment stats at EnrolHQ and have noticed that enrolments enquiries and expressions of interest are considerably down across all schools. However, you should not worry as everyone's in the same boat, and we anticipate the numbers to bounce back as things begin to settle in Term 2.

To give you some good news, Eddy and the team have been rolling out some impressive updates to help you conquer time-sapping tasks.

Dashboard Updates

Student Profile Search and Recently Accessed Student Profiles

Navigating your enrolments CRM has become a lot easier after this update. In the top right corner of the dashboard you can now search for student and parent names on every page. As you type you'll be presented with a list of matching names in your database, together with their Date of Birth and Grade / Year of Entry. Since many of our clients now have multiple years of data, and lots of students named Harry or Isabella :), this functionality will help you get quickly to the student record you require.

The recently accessed student profiles dropdown sits beside the search and holds 10 recently visited student profiles, if you need to go back to these records, which is often the case. Both of these tools are designed to save you time. They are especially useful if you take a phone call and need to bring up an enrolment enquiry quickly.

Date range filter holds until you change it

This was a feature requested by yours truly. I didn’t like it when the dashboard reverted to the default date range after page refresh and I had to set the date range over and over again. I'm sure you'll find it useful. You’re welcome :)


CRM Updates

Bulk CRM actions allow you to segment your database and update multiple student records at once, with a single click.

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We’ve always had Bulk Archive, Change Status, Invite to Enrol, Send an Email and Make an Offer but we’ve recently rolled out the following:

Bulk – Add a Note

Schools wanted the ability to select multiple student profiles and add a note such as “These expression of interest records were contacted by X Staff Member”. Now you can add a note to multiple records with a single click.

Bulk – Assign an Interviewer and Interview Priority

This is a popular feature where a filtered list of student records can be assigned to the person conducting the student and parent interview, and also be given a priority at the same time. What would normally take an extended amount of time to edit each student record can now be done in seconds as you assign in lots of 10, 100 or even 1000.

Bulk – Add to an Event

OK – so your School Tour, Open Day or a similar event is cancelled (Covid-19 strikes again), and you need to move everyone to a future event date later in the year. The problem is you are already taking bookings for that next event as well, so you can’t simply re-label your cancelled event or you’ll have two lists running. Not to worry. Simply filter out the parents from the first event, click Add to an event, choose from your list of future events and we will simply copy them across.

With all this bulk adding, we had to allow you to Select All people with just one click. You now don't have to click through multiple pages to get everyone selected.


I’d love to hear your feedback on these bulk tools, and if there is anything else you think may help with your processes. As you know, we’re always open to your suggestions and we will deliver new features to make your job easier. Please reach out to me.

Extra School Interview Customisations

It's important to give our Registrars the tools for booking and cancelling parent appointments. We’ve implemented a feature which allows you to decide the booking thresholds for parents, so that you can set booking and cancellation periods. For example, parents could be allowed to book up to 5 days in advance for an appointment and cancel within 3 days of the booked session.

You can also decide how many slots are shown to parents and the date range. You may want to show a date range of 8 days and 4 slots per day. All of these settings are easily updated under Settings > School Details.


Eddy will be back delivering our next post shortly. Thanks for reading and I wish you all a successful Term 2.

Speak to you soon!

Mark Barrett
Managing Director

Published: 24 Apr 2020

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